Adventure Time Gets Rule 63'd with Fionna and Cake in January

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by Danny Djeljosevic

The first episode of Adventure Time I ever saw -- with a vague memory of the original short in my head -- was "Fionna and Cake," the episode featuring the gender-swapped versions of the regular characters, created by series storyboard artist Natasha Allegri. It was awesome, so I was kind of disappointed that Adventure Time wasn't about a girl adventurer and her spunky cat friend, as much as I came to love the regular versions of the characters.

But BOOM! Studios likes to give Adventure Time fans what they want, so January 2013 brings a new six-issue miniseries, Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake. Written and drawn by Allegri, the series will follow the Rule 63 versions of Finn and Jake on an adventure kicked off by Fionna rescuing a male version of Fire Princess from danger.

In addition to the below cover, Fionna and Cake #1 will have covers by JAB, Joe Quinones, Vera Brosgol, Ethan Riley and Frank & Becky.




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