IDW Explores The High Ways with John Byrne

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by Josef Fleming


John Byrne is back!!! I’m just as excited as you about this. The industry legend is set to continue his partnership with IDW comics,  Byrne will write and draw a new science fiction series called The High Ways.

The High Ways is a space faring adventure, following the escapades of a  young dreamer called Eddie Wallace. Eager for the adventures available only in the stars, Eddie joins a space freighter and sets off for a life amongst the stars. Like in most good stories, things don’t go exactly to plan. As Eddie learns, interstellar travel isn’t all three breasted women and space margaritas.



Fans of Byrne’s seminal Next Men series will be pleased, as Byrne went on record to say:

“I decided this takes place in the Next Men “universe” -- though in the altered timeline our heroes created when they wiped out Project Next Men. The time is eighty or ninety years in the Future, roughly, and a central character of the first arc is Eddie Wallace, who appeared briefly in the previous series.”

The High Ways looks set to be another in a long line of prolific collaborations for the team of Byrne & IDW, and more seems set to follow. Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief went on to say;

 “I’ve found John Byrne’s boundless creativity, wealth of ideas and his ability to consistently deliver high-quality comics on time to be pretty much unmatched over the course of our six-plus years of working together.  I’m happy to continue that with The High Ways. 2013 is going to be a big year for John Byrne and IDW, with John prepping two new series to roll out later in ’13 as well.”

So, if you’re looking for Science Fiction, pick up The High Ways #1 (of 4) in stores 1/16/2013.



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