Preview: Criminal Macabre: Final Night - The 30 Days of Night Crossover #1

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by Josef Fleming

Now Halloween is over, we should be over all things terrifying, right?


Now Halloween is over, horror fans can get their grubby mitts all over horror-based things without being surrounded by poseurs dressed like Spartans or slutty nurses.  

The first, and possibly most exciting post-Halloween horror news to come out is the only horror crossover of 2012. If you want a horror crossover, you want this. Dark Horse and IDW are combining to bring you something truly spectacular. Here's why.

Firstly, it's written by Steve Niles, who has been crafting horror for many, many years. Dark Horse and Steve Niles have published some outstanding horror titles, like Criminal Macabre, The Nail, Freaks of the Heartland and City of Others. Secondly, he had this to say;

"Only one franchise is going to survive this series, and I give you my word on that. It's not one of these ‘Batman dies' things -- one of these series is going to be destroyed."

Destruction is promised. I don't know about you guys, but I'm a sucker for destruction.

Last, but by no means least is the quite frankly stunning artwork by Christopher Mitten. I only have one thing to say about it. CRAK.



Joining Niles and Mitten is Justin Erikson from Phantom City Creative on cover art. The story will run over the course of four issues, the first of which is set for release on December 12th, 2012. 




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