Preview: BlackAcre from Image Comics in December

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by Josef Fleming

Currently, you can't breathe for politics. I think there's an election happening? I don't know, this isn't CNN. Image is releasing a brand new ongoing series called BlackAcre drawn by Wendell Cavalcanti and written by Duffy Bordreau, who has this to say about politics.


"In the world of BlackAcre, our politics are a thing of the past. Most characters in this new world wouldn't have the slightest idea about any of that."


Refreshing. So what's BlackAcre about?

Born out of the extremes of economic inequality and the collapse of a civilization, is the dystopian world of BlackAcre. BlackAcre is a world where the elite live in gleaming high-rises, while outside the walls of their city, others struggle for survival and freedom.



While dystopian futures are a time honoured trait, the stripping away of society as we know it has allowed Boudreau to examine how people act from a new perspective.


"I've always been fascinated with dystopian stories because they give us a look at human nature through a completely different lens -- whether it's a society taken to its extreme or a landscape where the trappings of the civilized world have fallen away. These two types of worlds coexist in BlackAcre."


Providing the art duties on BlackAcre is Wendell Cavalcanti, whose work can be seen below! On the series, he said it gives him the opportunity to apply his skill to genres that have always attracted him. "I love sci-fi, dystopian future, war, and spy films, with all those diabolical characters and their sordid plans. And BlackAcre is a mix of all that," he said.

If that's not enough to sell you on BlackAcre, look at these quotes from famous creators, provided by Image Comics:


"The key to creating a great story about the future isn't making it seem possible, but probable. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to a little tale called BlackAcre."

 - Jonathan Hickman (The Manhattan Projects, Fantastic Four)

"An amazing new book from an amazing new writer. This book rules."

 - Matt Fraction (Hawkeye, Invincible Iron Man, Casanova)

"BlackAcre is the perfect new comic for our times. Like some bizarre cross between Mad Max and Judge Dredd that I can't wait to read more of."

 - Ed Brubaker (Fatale, Criminal, Winter Soldier)


That's some high praise. You can't buy that level of praise. BlackAcre is an ongoing series, with the first issue, which features a cover by Michael Avon Oeming, in stores on December 5, 2012. 

Check out the three-page trailer below:



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