Jordan and Moore Return with The Legend of Luther Strode in December

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by Josef Fleming

He was a no-one, a zero, zero/Now he's a hot shot, he's a hero.

I feel it's appropriate to sometimes start with a song.  So I have done. Fans of the Image Comics miniseries The Strange Talent of Luther Strode will know that Luther developed powers using the "Hercules Method" of strengthening -- a method which ended in something akin to wholesale slaughter. Lovely, lovely slaughter.



From Image Comics' press release:


The critically lauded miniseries catapulted creators Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore into the consciousness of comics readers. Now they're bringing Luther back in The Legend of Luther Strode, a miniseries set five years the events of Strange Talent.


Time Jumps have been used before, and they'll be used again. Sometimes they're successful, like in DC's "One Year Later." Sometimes they are ridiculous, like in Desperate Housewives. From what I can gather, it's a lot of the former. Rejoice!



So, what's been going on in Luther's life in the five years you ask?


Luther has systematically been taking out bad guys, and those left have a plan to put an end to the seemingly invulnerable vigilante. The development means the violence in Legend is amped up even higher than the not-inconsiderable level of gore in Strange Talent. In an interview at IGN, the creators expressed, however, that their wish isn't to glorify violence.

"While the hyper-violence and how we're desensitized to violence in comics was one of the points of the first one, we had to be careful not to, you know, desensitize people to the ridiculous violence," explained writer Jordan.


The first of the six-issue miniseries The Legend of Luther Strode will be in stores on December 5, 2012.



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