Exclusive Preview: Eerie Presents El Cid (Dark Horse)

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by Danny Djeljosevic


Dark Horse Comics kindly gave us an exclusive preview of the upcoming hardcover Eerie Presents El Cid, due in stores December 26, 2012.

Here's the solicit copy for the release, which collects the entire breadth of El Cid stories by Budd Lewis and Gonzalo Mayo that appeared in Eerie magazine in the 1970s:


Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar—also known to historians as El Cid—was an eleventh century Spanish military commander who led both Christians and Moors into battle. In the pages of Eerie magazine, however, writer Budd Lewis and artist Gonzalo Mayo transform El Cid into a larger-than-life fantasy warrior, battling dragons, trolls, and sirens for his life—and demons for his soul! This deluxe hardcover collects every El Cid adventure that ran in Warren Publishing’s Eerie magazine in the mid-1970s, featuring the elaborately detailed artwork of Mayo, plus Eerie’s original historical background feature.


This 96-page hardcover looks like a must for fans of fantasy adventure and great '70s pulp comics. 

Here's an excerpt from "El Cid and the Troll!" Click on the images for full-sized versions:






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