New Documentary on Showrunners with Joss Whedon, JJ Abrams and More Needs Your Help

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by Chris Wunderlich

What if I told you Joss Whedon, Damon Lindelof, J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan were all working together on a very special project? Well, I’d be telling a half-truth. In Showrunners, the upcoming documentary by director Des Doyle, you’ll see their names along-side the creators of Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, The Big Bang Theory and other huge hit television shows as they discuss how their shows go from the page to the screen.

It seems in this day and age even the mild comic fan is familiar with his/her favourite creators. A fan favourite creator can drive year’s worth of storylines that can leave a lasting impact on their publisher and the industry as a whole. Fans feverishly follow the likes of Jonathan Hickman, Grant Morrison and Brian Michael Bendis, but how many fans follow their favourite showrunners? Would you watch a show simply because the name David Shore or J.H. Wyman was attached? Well, if you enjoyed either House or Fringe, maybe you should consider it. We know there are writers, directors, producers and other creatives behind a TV show, but where does the crazy, kinetic, creative energy stop and the hit series begin? How can someone tackle a career with a reported 100% burnout rate? Has the television audience as a whole recognized the efforts of those behind the screen?

I hadn’t even heard the term “showrunner” before I’d heard of this movie, but after watching the trailer (attached to their Kickstarter campaign and located below) I know I can’t wait to dive into this world of manic, creative forces and the struggles that come with trying to get your vision to the screen. Already I find myself rearranging my preconceptions of the television industry and the efforts that drive my favourite shows. I can’t wait to learn more, and from the looks of it, Showrunners will no doubt enlighten.


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