ATX Television Fest Unveils More Details, Plans to Reunite Boy Meets World and My So Called Life Casts

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by Chris Wunderlich

I’m probably the last person you should ask about Austin, Texas. I know about Daniel Johnston’s famous “Hi How Are You?” mural, but that’s about it. On the other hand, ask me about Boy Meets World and I’ll happily regale with tales of 90’s nostalgia and after school television reruns. I’ve just been given a reason to visit Austin, thank you ATX Television Festival 2013.

If you grew up in the 90’s and owned a television, chances are you’ll want to head to the second annual ATX Television Festival as well. Boasting guests such as David Hudgins (producer/writer for Friday Night Lights), Bill Lawrence (creator of both Scrubs and Cougar Town) and Jane Espenson (writer forBuffy and Battlestar Galactica) there seems to be something for every corner of television fan. Oh, and did I mention the Boy Meets WorldMy So Called Life and Party of Five reunions? Yes, with Girl Meets World on the horizon (an expected February 2013 pilot, in fact), this might be your last chance to see Topanga as anything but a mom, and Cory as anything but Mr. Kotter (though we do, indeed welcome him back).

If you can pry yourself from your collection of foil covered variants (that have no doubt been mint since their purchase in 1993) long enough to dive back into the 90’s television that raised you, and you happen to find yourself in Austin from June 7-9th , pick up a badge to the ATX Television Festival here.


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