EXCLUSIVE: Irrational Games to Bring Ecco the Dolphin Back as Wii U-Exclusive

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by Nick Boisson


Irrational Games Announces Follow-Up to BioShock Infinite, a Relaunch of Classic Sega franchise, Ecco the Dolphin


"When we created the city of Rapture for BioShock, I always had dreamed that Ecco would come crashing through the glass to save Jack from a Big Daddy," says Irrational Games founder and Creative Director, Ken Levine. "But everyone on the team laughed at me and said that would be silly. Now, I'll show 'em!"

Following the completion of BioShock Infinite in February, Irrational Games began work on a new undersea title. But rather than the city of Rapture or a new dytopic environment, Levine and team wanted to focus on something a bit lighter in tone. "After all the depressing visuals and story from the BioShock games, we just wanted to focus on the beauty of the world and all that it has to offer. But, of course, that didn't last long."

Development on Ecco the Dolphin originally began as an open-world, underwater adventure title, where Ecco travels the ocean blue, singing and using echolocation to find new environments and quests. But the interference of mankind on our oceans in real life had given Levine an entirely new concept for the game. "The game is still an open-world adventure game, but Ecco's environment is tragically altered by a chemical spill. Now, all of the fish are horribly disfigured and predatorial. When Ecco finds himself in this new area, off the coast of New Orleans, he must find a way to stop the evil corporation from dumping their chemicals into the New Orleans gulf."

But not just the story and environments are altered, but the gameplay will also take on a new facelift as it enters this upcoming console generation. "You will still use singing and echolocation in the game, but we have added a few new tricks. Because of all the irradiated fish and creatures inhabiting the gulf, Ecco will need to take on a new skill set to defeat them. Upon entering certain parts of the gulf and eating some of the small fish there, Ecco will gain new abilities that he can use to defeat his enemies. We don't have them all worked out just yet since we are still very early in development, but there will abilities like telekinesis, ability to control other creatures, launching an underwater cyclone, electric shock and a few others," said Levine.

While it is still too early for Irrational to say when we could look forward to playing the game, Levine did have an idea of where we would see it. "Wii U! Ecco the Dolphin will be a Wii U-exclusive! We'll never want to cause you to stop your game to launch any of your abilities and the Wii U gamepad will help keep players in the game. We are looking forward to tapping into the audience that Nintendo has captured."



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