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John C. Reilly


John C. Reilly Joins Ever Expanding Guardians of the Galaxy

Yet somehow, he’s playing neither Rocket Raccoon nor Taquito, the Dogboy


James Gunn’s epic Marvel space opera extravaganza Guardians of the Galaxy has gained yet another oddly cast actor in the form of John C. Reilly, who will play Nova Corps leader Rhomann Dey. It was initially reported that he would be playing Ronan the Accuser, who is a different frequently helmeted fellow with a similar name, but Dey makes far more sense for the actor, particularly given his dramatic chops. Sure, everyone thinks of him as Steve Brule these days, or whatever manchild he’s playing alongside Will Ferrell in [insert film here], but this is also the guy who played tragic figures in We Need to Talk About Kevin and Chicago and knows when to bring the gravitas. This continues Gunn’s trend of less-than-obvious casting decisions and if the director continues to be this ballsy, there’s a chance he might go the unexpected route and straight up not add a certain feisty mammal to the story at all. Wouldn’t that be kind of brilliant?


- Nick Hanover

Girl Meets World

Boy Meets World Spinoff Greenlit

Lol guiz, remember the 90’s?!


Girl Meets World, the spinoff of the 90’s ABC sitcom Boy Meets World received the greenlight this past week, and will air sometime in 2014 on the Disney Channel. I’m going to go down a timeline for the show from now until the end of time and I’ll look like Nostradamus.


6/18/2013: Dylan writes a prediction of Girl Meets World timeline, breaks face from rolling his eyes too hard.


10/15/2013: Official images from series released, internet loses mind.


10/16/2013: GMW premiere date: 21-29 year olds spend far too much time preparing for a Disney Channel show.


10/17/2013: Day after GMW premiere: Everyone hates the show and says it’s not as good as it was when they were seven. No one realizes the irony.


12/16/13: Rugrats reboot announced, cycle restarts, Dylan explodes.


- Dylan Garsee

Funny or Die Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival

Funny or Die Launches Touring Comedy Festival, Snags Dave Chappelle

Totally fucking rips off Moontower in name and concept


I guess comedy nerd-ism has finally reached its inevitable conclusion with a massively impersonal comedy tour that will be at stadiums around the country. Dave Chappelle is headlining, which I’m curious about since the surprise shows he’s done in San Francisco has mostly resulted in mixed reviews from my friends. It’ll be interesting to see what material comes up and how many idiots decide it’s cool to shout “I’m Rick James Bi-GAH FUCK TYPING THIS BULLSHIT YOU KNOW WHERE I’M GOING.”


In any case the line-up for this is insane; John Mulaney and Hannibal Buress, two of probably the best stand-ups out there today, will be there along with Kristen Schaal, Demitri Martin, Flight of the Conchords and Al Madrigal.


- Andrew Tan

Nick Zano

Channing Tatum Sells Sitcom to WB

Surprisingly it's not 21 Jump Street: The Movie: The Show


Proving it’s always good to stay friends with that guy you know who sidelines as a male stripper, Channing Tatum and producer Reid Carolin have just gifted their childhood friend Nick Zano a whole sitcom. The sitcom, which has been bought by WB, is apparently about Zano living in a house with multiple generations of women and his efforts to get out and live alone. Though Zano isn’t a big name yet, he’s had memorable stints on Happy Endings and Cougar Town, so this isn’t quite as odd a fit as it may initially seem. It also continues Tatum’s transformation from “actor I vaguely know about and mostly don’t care for” to “actor I vaguely know about who now appears to be a better person than I imagined,” for those of you who value my opinion highly enough to follow me in my prejudices.


- NH

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Return to Terminator Franchise

Taking over for Shirley Manson’s character, obviously


California’s favorite muscular maid knocker-upper Arnold Schwarzenegger recently announced that he will be reprising his role as the titular character in the upcoming Terminator 5. Due to his tenure as governor of California, he was unable to make a true appearance in the fourth film, Terminator: Salvation (there was, however, a CGI version of Arnold in the film, at least I think there was. I fell asleep). Arnold is reportedly also reprising his roles in new versions of Predator and Conan the Barbarian. Although Schwarzenegger is pushing 66, due to computer wizardry and virgin blood, he will apparently be playing action heroes for the next 50 years.


- DG

Tom Hanks to Take on Dave Eggers' Hologram for The King

Is the hologram Tupac?


Tom Twyker is directing the screen adaptation of Dave Eggers’ 2012 novel Hologram for the King with Tom Hanks in the title main character role. The book centers around a man’s journey to Saudi Arabia to attempt to hold his family together and pay off his daughter’s college tuition in addition to other important character stuff.


This is the only Eggers’ book I haven’t read yet, but I’m surprised this is beating A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and What is the What to being filmed. But then again holograms are all the rage right now.


- AT

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler Will Co-Star in Damon Lindelof’s The Leftovers HBO Series

Please let this be a covert sequel to Jersey Girl

Everyone’s favorite Kevin Smith escapee Liv Tyler is now joining Justin Theroux in Damen Lindelof’s heavily anticipated HBO series The Leftovers. Based on Tom Perotta’s novel of the same name, and featuring writing contributions from the author, The Leftovers centers around a group of people who were not transferred magically to heaven during The Rapture. Perotta is best known for his novels Election and Little Children, both of which have similarly been adapted into critically beloved movies. I’m a fan of Perotta and everything he’s been involved with, which helps mitigate some of my reservations about a Lindelof HBO series. Lindelof is of course known for Lost, but like many others, I worry that he was responsible for that show’s worst habits, as his Prometheus script quite rightly disappointed the bulk of the population.


- NH

Mike Myers Shrek

Netflix and Dreamworks Strike Deal on Exclusive Content

America’s children will now have one eyebrow sticking up at all times.

Because we’re out of ideas, animation giant Dreamworks and streaming media king Netflix signed a deal to provide over 300 hours of exclusive content, starting with a series spinoff of The Croods and the upcoming snail racing film Turbo. Now children will have unlimited access to their favorite cartoon heroes 24/7, and will spend every waking moment watching all 300 hours of Dreamworks shows over and over until they evolve into weird couch slug children and society as we know it collapses. Or we just wind up subjected to more shit on our queue that we promise to watch after we finish Mad Men.

- DG

Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts Cast in Bad Advice From My Brother Sitcom for Comedy Central



Overall talented person (I’m not exactly ever sure to call Reggie Watts since comedian doesn’t seem right and neither does musician), Reggie Watts has been cast in yet another sitcom based on an internet phenomenon. This time it’s Jordan Pope Roush’s Bad Advice From My Brother. The blog is pretty self-explanatory, a young man documents the bad advice he has received from his blood kin of the same generation.


I like Reggie Watts and love him in IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! but I can’t see this working out well at all. If you wanted to make a show about someone’s short-sighted brother, why not develop a show around David Sedaris’ amazing younger brother The Rooster. One could even make a legitimate argument that not only does The Rooster have a literary background, but it actually has a shot of being a show that, you know, has a character arc.

- AT

By the Numbers


Of course the big story this weekend would be Man of Steel, the surprising part is mostly that it’s a certified success, despite a relatively lukewarm critical reception. Man of Steel enjoyed a healthy $116.6 million on its opening weekend, which puts it only behind Iron Man 3 for best opening weekend of the year, but it’s probably not a bad idea to point out that it’s predecessor, Superman Returns, saw similar box office success on its opening weekend (it even outperformed X-Men and Batman Begins) before making a huge plunge over the next few weeks. That’s not a grim prediction, but considering the story with Man of Steel has been that it’s a runaway success and is proof that grim and gritty super fare is what will finally allow DC to compete with Marvel, it seems necessary to remind everyone that the story isn’t completely over just yet.

Meanwhile, This is the End, the new apocalyptic comedy from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg that we recommended last week, did extremely well, taking second place despite having a very hard R, taking home $20.7 million. Somehow the magician heist film Now You See Me stuck around in third, adding another $11 million to its coffers. Summer blockbuster juggernaut Fast and Furious 6 remains in the top five with close to another $10 million while The Purge dropped all the way to fifth, which seems bad until you remember it had a budget of $3 million and has already made back nearly twenty times that budget. Nothing else new entered the top 10 this week.

1. Man of Steel- $116,619,362

2. This is the End- $20,719,162

3. Now You See Me- $11,016,473

4. Fast and Furious 6- $9,583,330

5. The Purge- $8,317,995

6. The Internship- $7,148,551

7. Epic- $6,284,905

8. Star Trek Into Darkness- $6,256,254

9. After Earth- $4,052,042

10. Iron Man 3- $2,956,855




Recommended film for the week:




(IFC Films)

It can be tough to suggest horror films blind, as so many of them rely on gimmicky trailers that show you all the best bits and leave the film itself a kind of shucked out corpse. But in the case of Maniac, there’s at least the promise of a characteristically intense performance from Elijah Wood to consider. Even if the film itself fails to live up to its potential or doesn’t quite provide a valid explanation for its rebooted existence, at least Wood can be relied on to give it his all in a role that somewhat recalls the similarly creepy part he had in Sin City. The weak link here is Franck Khalfoun, who has few directing credits, none of which are particularly memorable, but the trailer indicates he has an eye for style and his connection to the French classic Haute Tension is at least somewhat promising. So consider this a cautionary recommendation, one that is higher if you’re a horror nut and lower if you aren’t so forgiving of horror flicks. Worst case scenario, you could go see the copyright horror documentary Downloaded instead.

- NH


Recommended Show for the Week:






This weekend Veep’s season 2 finale will air, unless of course Megan Draper truly is dead and all of TV is then cursed for 10 years. The first season of Veep was a strong comedy in a crowded Sunday night lineup. Having more in common with The Office than The West Wing, the show focuses more on political machinations than having an overt message of how you should vote. Veep’s had an amazing season so far, pretty much surpassing all my expectations and of course it doesn’t hurt that Gary Cole is a semi-regular on the show. While the show does have an overarching narrative that you’ll need to catch up on to watch the finale, I’m sure it’s nothing eight hours of binge watching can’t fix.

- AT

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