Talk in Technicolor 07/02/13- Everything is Getting Remade...Again

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Talk in Technicolor is your weekly round-up of the biggest news in tv and film, as well as a run down of what happened at the box office over the weekend and some suggestions about what new shows and films are worth checking out.

Independence Day Bill Pullman Jeff Goldblum

Unlike Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman Will Be Back for ID4:2

Good thing After Earth worked out so well for Will

In what is undoubtedly bad news for any alien invaders who have been putting off their software updates, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum are confirmed to be returning for Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day sequel. The two actors will not be joining their former co-star Will Smith, who is too busy secretly training Jaden to be the Scientologist Messiah (animated approximation here) and also very expensive to hire for a movie. Having said that, one has to wonder how the budget allows for Emmerich to presumably re-destroy White House 2 and convincingly depict intergalactic warfare, but not rehire the breakout star of the first film. Maybe it’s a chamber play this time around or something.

Anyway, Goldblum and Pullman are fun enough, and Goldblum hasn’t really had a chance to carry a film in a while. I likedThe Fly. Also here’s hoping that all military attempts to repel the alien invaders fail, and President Bill Pullman must drive them away with his secret weapon.

- John Bender

John Mulaney

John Mulaney Pilot May Get Second Chance at Fox

So it's like when someone orders too many pilots?”

CB's favorite comedian John Mulaney may have found a new home for his semi-autobiographical sitcom at Fox after not getting picked up by NBC. The Lorne Michaels produced multi-cam sitcom, which also stars Martin Short, was passed over in the spring, may get snatched up by Fox as the network has put in a script order and if it's happy with the script changes, Deadline claims it will make a move on picking up a full episode order. The untitled series is likely still being produced by Universal Television and still involves Lorne Michaels, because NBC is hilarious like that, and likes to make the least amount of money possible. If the show consisted of just Mulaney doing Ice-T imitations and Stefon sketches, I would personally fund the series myself and the world would be a better place.

- Dylan Garsee

Knight Rider

That Knight Rider Movie May Somehow Happen After All

Please let Baywatch Nights be next...

Because David Hasselhoff demanded it, that Knight Rider film reboot is one step closer to reality, according to the L.A. Times, which claims a source told them the Weinstein Company hired screenwriter Brad Copeland to take a pass at a script. Copeland, of course, is the screenwriter responsible for that creepy Yogi Bear CGI film from a few years back, you know, the one with the Assassination Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford ending? Just kidding, he wrote the real Yogi Bear film, the one without that ballsy ending. Copeland is also the guy behind Wild Hogs, which is Easy Rider for vacant, flabby baby boomers who hate themselves. In fairness, I should probably also point out he was a writer on Arrested Development.

Anyway, while Copeland is known for his comedy writing, this is reportedly a more action-heavy concept and the Weinsteins seem to be aiming for some of that mad FF6 money. It's still early going, but this could wind up a big hit for the Weinsteins, provided they're willing to give in to the public demand for more Hasselhoff.

- Nick Hanover

Awkward MTV

    Awkward. Showrunner Leaving After 3rd Season

    Yes, it comes on MTV. Yes, it's good. I promise.

    One of network television's best and most surprising scripted series, Awkward. will lose its showrunner, Lauren Iungerich at the end of the the third season, which wrapped up last Thursday. The MTV high school comedy about the awkward misadventures of a highschool "loser" has consistently been funny and insightful for three years, despite running on MTV, which hasn't had a good series since Paris Hilton's My New BFF (and really, that season wasn't that great after Onch was kicked off). Iungerich hasn't had the best of luck, after her last series Hot Mess, which got terrific buzz, wasn't picked up by MTV. If only she could turn 16 and get pregnant, or become Snooki, then maybe Iungerich could stay at MTV.

    - DG

    Captain Planet Ted Turner

    Captain Planet is Latest Cartoon to Get Film Treatment

    This seems familiar...

    As it has done for seemingly every other cartoon, the Hollywood adaptation machine will once again consume a vast amount of energy and natural resources in order to expel a half-assed film version of a neutrally regarded ’90s children’s show onto theater screens across the globe. The Hollywood Reporter has, um, reported that Sony Pictures is in final negotiations to acquire the rights to Captain Planet and the Planeteers, which will be produced by Mark Gordon (Speed), Don Murphy (Transformers) and Susan Montford (Shoot ’Em Up).

    Fans of the show might remember that it features a multiracial team of teenage characters from North America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and South America whose powers will soon combine to repel confused American moviegoers from their local theaters. If these kids alone are unable to do the trick, the show’s aggressively environmentalist message, adorably named rogues’ gallery (including Hoggish Greedly, Looten Plunder and Tank Flusher III), and mulleted freak-hero who is unfortunately weak against all forms of pollution should help seal the deal. Who knows, though? Maybe it’ll be a gritty reboot centered on an older, less ambitious Captain Planet who, after seeing his warnings about pollution go unheeded for nearly a decade, has settled for going down this list of people and “calling them out” on Twitter.


    Last of the Mohicans Daniel Day-Lewis

    Last of the Mohicans Inexplicably Becoming FX Show

    If only it was somehow an American Horror Story crossover...

      Not content to stop with ruining Fargo by turning it into an unnecessary tv series, FX has now set its sights on Last of the Mohicans, a work previously adapted into a film starring America's second favorite non-Native American actor portraying a Native American, Daniel Day-Lewis. That film's co-writer Chris Crowe is involved with this adaptation, and it is the latest in a long list of announced mini-series from the network that focus on historical events and eras, including Mayflower and Conquistadors, which means that soon FX will have more historical programming than the History Channel.

      - NH

      Jacob's Ladder Tim Robbins

      Jacob's Ladder to be Remade

      Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

      Because the world was hankering, 1990 cult film Jacob's Ladder is remaking LD Entertainment with a script from Midnight Meat Train (a 100% real movie) scribe Jeff Buhler. The classic Tim Robbins film is remembered for its innovative camera work and crazy ass ending, two traits that definitely carry over well into remakes. Jacob's Ladder is a truly singular film, but if we're looking for horror films with great camera work and crazy ass endings, then please allow me to point you in the direction of a little film called Sleepaway Camp. I'll be waiting for my check in the mail, Hollywood.

      - DG

      Ken Marino

      Ken Marino Heads Eastbound & Down, Also Joins Veronica Mars

      Where's Party Down?

      Fans of Veronica Mars can breathe a little easier following the official announcement that the show, recently revived in film form, was able to secure the return of Hollywood superstar Ken Marino. Ever since he was a relative unknown on the cast of this beloved but little-watched Rob Thomas series, Marino has basically become a household name as a result of stints on another canceled Rob Thomas show (Party Down) and an absurdist ensemble comedy that airs after bedtime (Childrens Hospital). Now, even the most anxious Veronica Mars fans can rest assured that Marino will definitely appear in the film, even though it was a long shot that he would sign on, given his incredibly high profile and the Veronica Mars movie’s relative insignificance.

      In fact, Marino’s star continues to rocket beyond the stratosphere with the additional news that he will appear in the fourth and final season of the also-sort-of-revived HBO comedy Eastbound & Down. Marino’s character on the premium cable series will be “a middle-aged athlete who’s still living the high life and partying it up every weekend,” which is probably very similar to his actual rock star lifestyle on the A-list. As with Veronica Mars, this is a huge get for Eastbound & Down, which has previously lacked starpower and celebrity cameos. Marino's appearance should provide the show with a boost by giving skeptical viewers a reason to watch besides the guy from Hot Rod (snooze) and a recurring role by an old SNL cast member (who?).

      - JB

      Cameron Diaz Gangs of New York

      America's Favorite Musical Actress Cameron Diaz Bravely Fills Sandra Bullock's Shoes in Annie

      Anne Hathaway must have been unavailable

      The heavily monitored remake of Annie found its Miss Hannigan this week as Cameron Diaz concluded negotiations to take over the part after Sandra Bullock left the production. Diaz, who previously showed off her acting and musical chops in everyone's most beloved Scorcese production Gangs of New York, is an interesting choice for the part of the downright mean headmistress, but as has previously been proven, Diaz is a very, very Bad Teacher. Ahem.

      Diaz of course joins a star studded cast that includes Jamie Foxx as Daddy Warbucks and Quvenshane Wallis, of Beasts of the Southern Wild, as Annie.

      - NH

      Box Office Antidote

      For the second weekend in a row, Monsters University dominated, edging out the brand new The Heat to continue its all-ages domination. Even so, The Heat performed extremely well, resulting in the best opening Sandra Bullock has ever had and pulling a bigger draw than its predecessor Bridesmaids did when it premiered. Of course, the poor critical reception of the film could be a killer for the film's viability in the long run, with bad word of mouth being especially toxic for comedies, and it's worth noting that Bridesmaids did a lot of the groundwork for The Heat, particularly where co-star Melissa McCarthy is concerned. It's nonetheless good news for Paul Feig and McCarthy and for films with female co-leads in general, seemingly once again proving Hollywood is full of shit when it comes to assumptions about what audiences will see based on horribly sexist thinking.

      A relatively good critical reception didn't help White House Down, which critics have been labelling the best Die Hard film in decades. Roland Emmerich's most recent excuse to blow up the White House came in fourth behind the remarkably resilient (some might even say zombie-like) World War Z. That's too bad, because it appears to be the best "White House getting blowed up" film this year, even though it's predecessor, Olympus Has Fallen, did slightly better on its own opening weekend.

      Nothing else new entered the top 10 this week, and last week's contender, The Bling Ring, dropped a couple places to thirteenth. 

      (via BoxOfficeMojo)

      Movie Recommendation of the Week:

      Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

      I know that I keep recommending music docs, but there's nothing else out right now that looks all that great, and Big Star is one of those bands that never gets enough attention, no matter how much us stuffy critics tell you to listen to them. As the Velvet Underground of the power pop scene, Big Star are one of the most influential bands of all-time, despite releasing only a handful of albums. The new doc Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me is a mixture of a historical overlook of the band and the seemingly contradictory personalities of co-founders Alex Chilton and Chris Bell and testimonials from the artists inspired by them, including members of R.E.M., Cheap Trick, the Flaming Lips and the Posies amongst others. If this is playing in your area, it's worth checking out, even if you've never heard the band. In fact, I'd argue that if you've never heard Big Star (though chances are you have, thanks to the use of their "In the Street" as the theme song to That '70s Show), this documentary is even more worthwhile to you.


      TV Recommendation of the Week:

      Ray Donovan (Showtime)

      Full episode above!

      Meet Ray Donovan, professional “fixer.” He’s got trouble at home. His wife wants to relocate. His daughter’s trying to get into some schools. His son keeps coming home with black eyes. And his professional life? Well, for starters, his chief client is a neurotic ass who wants Ray to tail a former child star. And damn, this former child star has a stalker. Oh, also the former child star is stalking Ray.

      Ray Donovan Showtime

      And then there are Ray’s brothers. One has Parkinson’s. The other is haunted by his childhood molestation at the hands of a priest. And there’s a third, half-black half brother that Ray just met who seems pretty friendly but, you know, he’s black or w/e. Also Ray’s dad (Jon Voight) just got out on parole after doing 20 years, and he’s coming to fuck with Ray’s life for unknown reasons. Also Ray struggles with drinking. And he’s battling the painful memory of his sister, who committed suicide years ago.

      Ray Donovan Showtime

      Basically this show is like if The Wolf from Pulp Fiction was inserted into forty different conflicts that range from life-threatening to trivial. It’s a mess. But hey, it’s summer, and what the hell else are you doing? It has a very gruff Liev Schreiber, and the pilot episode is free, although non-Showtime subscribers will be denied glorious OD’d groupie corpse titties. But this guy’s house of porn will look a lot funnier.


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