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OK, here it is, fanboys, you are deep into Geek culture and love your comics, now you meet a girl who loves comics, and wants to supports you in your muse (or you  are a Geek Girl who simply loves this wonderful, exciting medium affectionately known as “funnybooks”) and you want to let the world know? How do you go about it? Well, you could Cosplay, but that might make you stand out a tad too much in the everyday world of “reality” so we have to choose a more subtle way to stand out (without looking completely out of place).

Enter writer, editor publisher, and fledgling superhero, Buddy Scalera. Well  among Scalera’s other (more notable) superpowers — the ability to string words together to make coherent sentences, create highly readable and compelling relevant comics, and write educational books on the nature of creating comics themselves, Scalera is also a husband and father of two daughters. According to Scalera, girls actually like comics too, and he is going out of his way to prove just that. You see, he is launching a Kickstarter campaign to spread that very message across the country. Scalera wants everyone to get their hands on his Girls Like Comics Too T-Shirts. That’s right, now you girls who like funnybooks can wear your inner geek on your shirt. These shirts are made with high-quality fabric and sport a fashionably awesome logo.

Girls Love Comics

That’s right girls (and enlightened guys) this is your chance to show the world that Girls Like Comics Too! These shirts are professionally printed with a Bella cut. The main print run will be in black on a nice, soft, high-quality shirts. The graphic is designed with two colors, which increases the print costs, but makes the logo really pop. Buddy tells us that he needs to print enough shirts to get a good unit cost, which is why he’s come to Kickstarter. “With your support, I'll be able to print the shirts on high-quality fabric and ship them to you at an attractive price,” he tells us.

You can see from the above photo that Buddy produced a small sample print run of these T-Shirts for the 2013 NY ComicCon. He did this (because his kids made him) in order to see not only how the shirts would turn out, but to gauge fan interest. Plus he wanted the graphic to be printed with two colors on a high quality shirt. As it turns out, his little proof-of-concept printing experiment was a success. At NYCC, he sold through the mini test batch. In fact, he only has one left.

When printing anything (especially T-shirts, you need to print in greater quantities so that you can receive a lower per-unit cost. In order to keep the price affordable for fans, Buddy needs to produce shirts at a minimum threshold at the printer...and with your help, he will get there. If you support his Kickstart project you will not only receive a quality shirt at a very affordable price that practically anyone can afford, you will show the world that you like comics. 

The shirts featuring a design by Arlene So, designer for Wizard magazine and Marvel Comics. Buddy also wants to acknowledge the contribution of Amy Feorenzo from Imprint Marketing Concepts for the high-quality shirt printing solutions and professional guidance. 

Show the world that your inner geek has style. Support my Kickstarter project and earn fun rewards. In addition to their T-shirts, backers to the project will also receive comics and other books that were written by Buddy, as well as prints based on comics written by Buddy. If he receives enough orders, he'll have to pack them and ship them himself (with the help of his family), which will take some time. But he plans to move these quickly.

This project will only be funded if at least $600 is pledged by Saturday Nov 30, 2013


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