Hellboy in Motion: Mike Mignola's Hellboy in Hell is Coming to the Madefire Platform

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One of the coolest comic-type apps out there is Madefire. This spectacular app allows for deep and easy immersion in comic stories and allows for a deep reading experience. 

Mike Mignola has been creating his Hellboy stories for two decades, and his latest Hellboy serial, Hellboy in Hell, is an immersive comics experience that begs for a deeper engagement.

Thankfully Madefire and Mignola have a big announcement.

Hellboyt in Hell on Madefire

Hellboy, the award-winning and best-selling creation of legendary creator Mike Mignola, is a character that really needs no introduction. Having starred on the big screen (twice), in animation, video games, and in a series of comic books and novels spanning nearly 20 years—it’s no surprise that he’s now coming to Motion Books. Madefire CEO Ben Wolstenholme adds, "Motion Comics are passive, viewing experiences—basically, watching animation made from comic book assets. Our first priority with Motion Books is creating a benchmark reading experience, implementing limited motion and sound to augment the words and pictures - leaving the reader in control."


Madefire presents Hellboy in Hell

Dark Horse Comics is the #5 comic publisher in the US and has long been an innovator in the publishing world. Their approach to digital has been just as forward thinking as they are the only top 5 print publisher that’s created their own proprietary reading software and marketplace around their content—a way to bring the printed editions to a wider audience. Now Dark Horse is remastering Hellboy as Motion Books—a digital-first reading experience.

"Dark Horse prides itself on providing a top notch reading experience for our books digitally" said Dark Horse president and publisher Mike Richardson. "This partnership with Madefire gives us a chance to again push the envelope and deliver a benchmark reading experience for the screen."  The version available on Dark Horse’s app is a panel-to-panel move through the printed comic. Motion Books are designed for screen reading; allowing more creative ways to tell the story through pacing, movement, sound and depth - it's a more immersive experience! Adds Ben, "We worked directly with Dark Horse on this motion comic and they routed it to Mike to check it out. When we first met Mike Mignola, he appreciated the fact that we are creators as well - not just a tech platform. He’s very happy with it. Ben continues, "We’re massive fans of Mike’s work and Hellboy is an incredible character and property. This is a huge opportunity for us. Also in terms of building our marketplace, Dark Horse are pioneers - so having them join the platform is a big compliment!"


Madefire Presents Hellboy in Hell

Madefire has built an end-to-end publishing platform that delivers a benchmark reading experience called Motion Books. Designed for reading on a screen, Motion Books utilize movement, sound and depth all in service of the story and are available on iOS devices and the web. Their web-reading partner is social network and creative giant deviantART.com, the largest creative community in the world and the Madefire app has been 5-star rated since launch, and was awarded an App Store’s “Best of 2012”.

“The industry is really starting to face into a digital-first approach. We're thrilled to have Dark Horse join IDW, Boom!, ITV, and Top Cow in making Motion Books,” said Ben. “Mike Mignola and Dark Horse bringing Hellboy onboard is extremely exciting.' Ben adds that they can't announce their next project just yet, but "We have a pretty big project debuting in the coming weeks that would definitely classify, like Hellboy, as a 'dream project." That’s all we can say for now but stay tuned."


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