The Monogamous Adventures of Edward and Pepper Issue #1

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Jonathan Johnsick’s comic The misadventures of college couple Edward and Pepper follows this nearly ordinary couple as they do the mundane and the super heroic. The comic is intended to be an ongoing series, while this initial issue acting as a pilot episode, the story itself actualy a “one and done” story that introduces readers to the characters. Johnsick intends to show that Edward and Pepper are essentially normal people. He is looking to create characters and establish them in a relationship that could be relatable to readers and feels real, while also having the fun super heroics that our daily lives don’t.

That’s where readers come in to his paradigm. He is asking for help to be able to raise the funds to make his comicbook dream come true and also gain some cool things that readers wouldn’t get in just a normal print run. “I love these characters and this world and I want to be able to tell their stories forever,” Johnsick stated.

He also wants to share their stories with readers, and give the readers things that they simply can’t get anywhere else. One of the rewards to backers that he is offering is a poster that can can hang on backer’s wall, he is also offering backers the opportunity to become a reoccurring character in this Indy series, or even just the physical copy. He tells us that the comic’s community is incredible and he love every part of it.

With your help he can make his awkward little couple come to life.

The Monogamous Adventures of Edward and Pepper is going to be needs backers to help him fund the project. That’s where fans come in. He needs readers help to be able to raise the funds to make this comicbook a reality. As far as challenges to the project, the only challenge that Johnsick articulated to us was the length of time it will take for him and his artist to sign each issue and poster, as they live on different sides of the U.S., so it might take them a little time to sign everything. However, that will not be a big setback and he feels that they will get everything out as fast as possible.

Johnsick is a Secondary Education Language Arts major at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. He has been writing ever since kindergarten but this is his first foray into comic books and self-publishing.

Brandon Washington (the series’ illustrator) is an Artist/ Designer/ Illustrator. who started focusing on trying to make a living off of his art after graduating college. He is very active on his tumblr, where he is working on numerous projects.

A late-breaking added incentive includes:

•                    This is a new incentive for any reward level, everyone who backs will be able to participate in a poll of the next storyline. Johnsick will have about three different story lines that everyone can vote on and the one with the next votes will start with the next issue!

This project will only be funded if at least $500 is pledged by Wednesday Jan 1, 2014.


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