BULLET POINTS: Comics News Roundup for November 4, 2011

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Jonny Negron Drive

Jonny Negron drew this rendition of Ryan Gosling's character in Drive (a really great film that you should have seen by now), and you can buy it as an 11x17 print for $7.00.

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Susie Cagle Arrested At Occupy Oakland

Despite wearing a press badge at the time, journalist/cartoonist Susie Cagle was arrested at the Occupy Oakland protest Wednesday, November 2 and charged "with the misdemeanor of 'present at raid.'" Even though she was, y'know, covering it as a journalist.

Either way, Cagle was released from jail and will have to appear in court soon. She will, however, continue to cover the protest, to which I say fuck yeah.

Here's a video of the local ABC affliate's report:


(via The Beat)


Marvel Goes Day and Date!

When DC Comics announced that their New 52 releases will go day-and-date digital (put up for sale as digital downloads the same day as the print releases), errrrbody went apeshit, and their eternal competitor Marvel Comics suddenly looked left in the dust.

On November 3, Marvel announced that they're finally going day-and-date with their releases, the only exceptions being their licensed books like the Stephen King comics and their adult Marvel MAX material. The publisher plans to take a one-by-one approach with day-and-date, giving simultaneous print and digital release to individual titles as new story arcs begin (pretty smart, I'd say). As a result, Marvel expects to be done with that process by the end of March 2012.

Welcome to the 21st Century. Now Marvel and DC just need to work on their pricing. I wanted to buy X-Men: Schism digitally, but the first issue was $4.99. For a non-physical product, that's nightmare prices.

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Speaking of Which: DC's October Marketshare: Holy Shit

DC Comics: 42% dollar share, 51% unit share.

Marvel Comics: 29% dollar share, 30% unit share.


(via The Beat)


Marvel Cancelled Victor Von Doom Before It Even Came Out WTF

The teenaged Dr. Doom comic book miniseries Victor Von Doom by Nick Spencer and Becky Cloonan was supposed to come out later this month, but Marvel's cancelled it prematurely. Which is the biggest bummer ever. I was really looking forward to it.

Victor Von Doom

Graeme McMillan has some random thoughts about the cancellation over at Newsarama's blog, including the fact that it's another cancelled book handled by the recently laid-off (and pretty awesome) editor Alejandro Arbona and that Nick Spencer seems to be having a tough time as a Marvel-exclusive creator.

With the layoffs and the cancellations of not only ongoing titles but also miniseries, and in light of the massive success of DC's New 52 (plus marketshare!), Marvel's looking preeeetty bad right about now.

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On the Bright Side, The Defenders #1 is Going to Be Fucking Awesome

Comic Book Resources has an exclusive preview of Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson's Defenders ongoing, and while I was excited for it already, the preview pages have me stoked.

Look at that:

Defenders #1

Any book that reminds me of the crazy global crises of Grant Morrison and Howard Porter's JLA is super, duper exciting.

(via Comic Book Resources)


DC Editor Rex Ogle Jumps Ship to Scholastic

Okay, maybe it's not all so great on the other side, either, as Editor Rex Ogle (Blue Beetle, Justice League International, Justice League Dark and Resurrection Man) has left DC to work for Scholastic.

Bleeding Cool notes that Scholastic has its own comic line, which publishes the color editions of Bone, and that another DC editor, Janelle Asselin, has jumped ship to work for Disney's publishing arm.

Ogle also wrote Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint.

(via Bleeding Cool)


Tom Spurgeon Has Details on the Steve Rude Arrest

Tom Spurgeon exchanged some emails with Jaynelle Rude about artist Steve Rude's arrest on Halloween, which I don't really want to regurgitate. Head over to The Comics Reporter for details.


Universal's Ron Meyer: Scott Pilgrim was "kind of a good movie"

"We make a lot of shitty movies," said Universal Studios President Ron Meyer in front of a crowd at the Savanna Film Festival (awesome festival, by the way, we took a road trip once in college). He pointed out such failures as Cowboys & Aliens and Land of the Lost as not only failures, but as some of the aforementioned "shitty movies." In mentioning Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, he said: 

"Scott Pilgrim, I think, was actually kind of a good movie. [Addressing a small section of the audience, cheering.] But none of you guys went! And you didn’t tell your friends to go! But, you know, it happens."

He's wrong about Land of the Lost, by the way. That's a super-weird, really entertaining movie if you look at it the right way. On the bright side, at least he's proud of United 93.

Take solace, friends: future generations will be obsessed with Scott Pilgrim and wonder how it could flop at the box office.

(via Movieline)



The Loneliest Astronauts

The Loneliest Astronauts, the quite funny webcomic by Kevin Church and Ming Doyle, has concluded this week. Go check it out and peruse the archives! It's good!





  • @Horse_ebooks:  It s a FACT - Most Doctors, Nutrition Experts , Celebrity Chefs and Best Selling Authors are DEAD
  • @Remender: Fat cop checking out my wife at Sea World, you made this nightmare complete.
  • @andykhouri: *Hitler reacts to DOWNFALL being on Netflix Streaming*
  • @laura_hudson: I'm not sure who decided to troll me by signing me up for e-mails from both the Democratic AND Republican parties in Florida but I hate you
  • @zdarsky: @laura_hudson I just felt you needed all of the available information to make an informed decision.
  • @TheBurnham: I wonder if I can make the Zardoz autorespond bot get into a fight with the Robocop one...
  • @RJRHQ: Seth Fisher was the Jeff Buckley of comics



This week I've been obsessed with the ludicrously swaggering Kanye West/Jay-Z team-up album Watch the Throne. The beats are sick and the braggadocio reaches hilarious heights. For example: I got five passports/I'm never going to jail.

Here's the video for their track "Otis."


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