BULLET POINTS: Comics News Roundup for November 7, 2011

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Kagan McLeod

Kagan McLeod drew a dope illustration for Women's Health. She's fighting the flu.



Marvel Preemptively Cancels Yet Another Miniseries

Okay, this is starting to get depressing: Marvel Comics have cancelled Destroyers, which was meant to be a five-issue miniseries by Fred Van Lente and Kyle Hotz that starred The Thing, She-Hulk, Beast and, most importantly, Devil Dinosaur. Originally announced in August and not yet solicited, the series will not be coming out at all.


Van Lente revealed the series' premature cancellation on Twitter, where he also added that artist Hotz had already drawn the first two issues of Destroyers.

Destroyers is the latest in a series of cancellations Marvel's been doing across their line, including ongoings (Iron Man 2.0), miniseries that were later announced as ongoings (Alpha Flight), miniseries that were part of the way through publication (All-Winners Squad: Band of Heroes) and miniseries that had yet to be published (Victor Von Doom).

...so what's going on over at Marvel? All these wanton cancellations have me worried about the future of the publisher.

(via Robot 6)

DC Cancels R.E.B.E.L.S. Volume 5 TPB

Those of you who trade-waited on R.E.B.E.L.S. by Tony Bedard and Claude St. Aubin should probably start hunting for the single issues (they can't be that hard to find), as DC Comics have cancelled their plans to collect the fifth volume of stories in the recently cancelled series.

At least, y'know, they came out in some form.

(via Bleeding Cool)

Hey, At Least The Twelve is Coming Back


The Twelve

Several weeks ago there were rumblings about The Twelve, the long-incomplete 12-issue Marvel maxiseries by J. Michael Straczynski and Chris Weston, finally making its return to complete the series after a three-year delay following Issue #8.

Now Marvel has made it official, announcing the release schedule for the series:

  • January 2012: The Twelve Volume 1 trade paperback (collecting #1-6)
  • February 2012: The Twelve: Marvel Must Have #1 (collecting #7-8), The Twelve #9 and #10
  • March 2012: The Twelve #11
  • April 2012: The Twelve #12

So, look forward to that, I guess.

(via The Beat)



Agents o the W.T.F.


Over at the nerd-deals site Twipster, you can buy a free digital copy of the comic Agents of the W.T.F. by Adam P. Knave, D.J. Kirkbride and Matteo Scalera. You should totally do that.



  • Journalist and comicker Susie Cagle tells the story of her arrest at Occupy Oakland.
  • Timothy Callahan talks Jack Kirby. Particularly, the art of using Kirby creations as it relates to the licensed Dynamite Kirby Genesis stuff. Also, it opens with an amazingly douchey quote from Alex Ross.
  • Laura Hudson interviews Matt Fraction about The Defenders, which does not star Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell.
  • Chris Sims and David Uzumeri are reviewing the Blade trilogy. They've moved on to Blade II, which is an awesome movie.
  • Grant Morrison talked to CNN Geekout! a spell.



  • @Mattfraction: if klaus nomi were alive, and a woman, then she's on this flight and people i am telling you: she. looks. GREAT.
  • @GailSimone: Dang, Destroyers looked like a really great book.
  • @Calebandrew: "Is that why they call you 'Dirty Hairy?' You've got dirt in your hair?"
  • @MrJohnnyRyan: Pets are like children you can fuck in front of.
  • @Samc218: Someone found my blog today by searching for "trapped under a pile of junk." I have no idea what page that would take them to.
  • @Mkupperman:"Whatchoo talkin' bout, punk?" #rejectedDirtyHarrycatchphrases



Twitch Film has posted the trailer for the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney adaptation. Y'know, the one that's directed by Takashi Miike.

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