PIXEL COUNT: Video Game News Roundup for November 16th, 2011

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Happy Hump Day, gamers! Welcome to another edition of Comics Bulletin's video game news round up! This is normally the part where I write a nice introduction and say a few dumb things, but I really need to get back into Skyrim!


So enjoy the Wednesday edition of the only video game news column that has been known to rock the casbah...











Skyrim Ships 7 Million Copies and Sells 3.5 Million in 48 Hours!

Unless you live in that town that Footloose takes place in, you have probably heard just how amazing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is! [And yes, I am assuming that if dancing is frowned upon, a video game where you play a character that receives god-like powers from slaying dragons is probably the thing that gets Reverend John Lithgow riled up.] Well, if the constant praise given to the game pre-release and fanboys harping for nearly a year was not an indication, the game was a rousing success commercially, as well!


Bethesda announced that it had shipped 7 million copies of its darling game and reported that half of those games were sold within the games first 48 hours!


As a fan of Bethesda and the game itself, this makes me ecstatic! It's no Modern Warfare 3, but it is still a huge deal. Now everybody...DANCE!


(bit from GamesIndustry.biz)



We Could Be Seeing New Consoles from Sony and Microsoft as Soon as Next Year? WTF!?

A couple years back, Sony execs and Microsoft execs got together in a single room and agreed not to release their new consoles until some point in 2013. This was agreed upon after the stock market collapsed and the US economy went down the proverbial shithole. It was something that we all, as gamers, appreciated. Not only is the current generation of video game consoles still very much relevant and in no way on its way out the door, but gamers do not wish to spend $500+ on another console right now. And if the whole "Occupy Wall Street" movement is any indication, neither does the rest of the country. Apparently, they just decided to say to us all, "Fuck you! We want to make more money!"


Rumors have been flying the last few days that Microsoft already has a devkit for their new gaming console ready to go and will be launching a final product next year. I have not been sharing any of those stories here, because they have been nothing but rumor. But Ubisoft has just announced that Ubisoft Montreal is hard at work developing games on "target boxes" with intended specs for the successor to the Xbox 360.


Now, a Sony-owned development studio has ceased development on the PlayStation 3 to focus on Sony's successor to the PS3. Signs are pointing to these consoles having a retail release of Holiday 2012.


I personally find this to be irresponsible of both these companies. Did the Wii U freak them out at E3? Because the collected voice of gamers there was that the system didn't look like it would stop them from playing their Xboxes and PS3s. So why do this?

Does it make sense fiscally? After all, video game consoles are always priced so that the hardware manufacturer loses money. They always have. Meaning that they could only hope to make profit off the games. So it doesn't make sense financially either.


The only reason I could see this being done is that this is a glorified pissing contest between Sony and Microsoft. Sony, despite slowly gaining, is the loser of this console generation because Microsoft released their system a year earlier. Which was a bad move on Microsoft's part anyway because they ended up losing billions due to the Red Ring of Death fiasco!


I love progress and I really want to see what each of these systems could do. But I can still wait to see them. We all can. I don't want to have to start saving up for a new console already. My Xbox 360 and PS3 are doing just fine. And if Skyrim was any indication, the systems still have quite a bit of life left in them.


(bit from Edge)



Will Wright's HiveMind


Will Wright has created many games that gamers love! Games like SimCity, The Sims and Spore. Then, in 2009, without any real warning, Wright left the EA-owned development team, Maxis. Maxis had been Will Wright's home for over a decade.


Now, Wright is working on a new IP. He calls it HiveMind. The game is supposed to be what Wright calls a "personal game", which can customize and change itself for each player, taking into account the real-world aspects of that player's life and situation. I know, it sounds a bit unbelievable, but Wright did create a people simulator when everyone said he was crazy.


“Rather than craft a game like FarmVille for players to learn and play, we learn about you and your routines and incorporate that into a form of game play."


The idea came to him when he randomly found a group of car enthusiasts showing off their cars outsode of a '50-style diner. Being a car enthusiast himself, he joined in.


“If I knew about these events, my life would be a lot more interesting. How do we expose you to these events, these things? How can we make a system that understands enough about you and gives you situational awareness? It could take into account what time of day it is, where you are, how much money is in your pocket. Imagine if you could open Google Maps and it shows you things that are interesting to you on the map.”


Mind you, he is still talking about a game. It may sound like an iPhone app. It actually sounds like the recently released Oink from what he is describing, but he is also being very vague and not yet giving a whole lot of details.


Wright wants the game to gather information from the user and use that information to steer them to a place where they are most likely to have fun.


“It blurs entertainment, lifestyle, and personal tools. With that data, the world and the opportunities for entertainment within it become more visible to you. ... If we can learn enough about the player, we can create games about their real life. How do we get you more engaged in reality rather than distract you from it?”

I sure hope that Will Wright has not become the Alan Moore of the video game world...


(bit from VentureBeat)



PlayStation Network Will Be Down on November 17! DO NOT BE ALARMED!


Tomorrow, your PlayStation 3 and PSP will not be able to connect to PSN. No, I am not a psychic nor a god. I know this because Sony has announced that they will be powering down for a few hours for scheduled routine maintenance.


If you have Skyrim, just keep playing and you won't even notice...


(bit from G4)






Ninja Gaiden 3 Preview Images

Team Ninja has released some SWEET preview images of Ninja Gaiden 3. If you're not excited for this game, then I would like to hear what happened to you that made you such a cold-hearted bastard...


Head on over to Destructoid to check out the uncompressed images!


(bit from Destructoid)



EXTRA! EXTRA! The Sly Collection Going Up on PSN!

If you still have not yet picked up The Sly Collection for your PlayStation 3, do not say so in the comments of this post. Because I will come find you, wherever you are, and hand you a copy! I might even wish you a nice day! I don't know!!


That said, Sony has now confirmed that the remastered titles will all be available on PSN starting November 29. You will be able to pick up each individual title for $9.99 or all three for $29.99 (which makes no sense, considering buying all three separately would cost $29.97).


If you would like the games, but cannot leave your home because all of the items you have hoarded are now blocking your door, worry no more!


(bit from CVG)



Nintendo and Penny Arcade Creating a Zelda Comic!

Gabe and Tycho have really been getting some steam behind their comics. Earlier, they collaborated with Ubisoft for an Assassin's Creed series of comics. Now, they are partnering with Nintendo for five comic pages based on The Legend of Zelda franchise!


The first one went up today on the game's website. Enjoy!


(bit from GameSpot)







Gears of War 3 is available for $34.99 along with 800 FREE Microsoft Points on BestBuy.com!

Ms. Splosion Man is half off at 400 MS points on Xbox LIVE Arcade this week!

SEGA has some great sales for their digital games from now until November 29 on both PSN and XBLA!

Amazon has A LOT of special and collector's editions of many great titles (including Catherine, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Epic Mickey, Skyrim and Dark Souls) on many systems for very discounted prices this week!








The Final Saints Row: The Third Trailer




I am going to miss watching all these wonderful Saints Row: The Third trailers. I better just pick up the damn game...



William Shatner in Eat, Fry, Love




I know! This has nothing to do with video games. But it has William Shatner being William Shatner and that should be enough for all of you!



Adam Sessler Thinks Skyrim is Wonderful, Too!




In this week's Sessler's Soapbox, The Sess talks about the wonder that is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and how to make sure it doesn't completely ruin your real life.









Child's PlayThe last thing I wanted to let you all know was that the Child's Play charity has just kicked off its annual Holiday Season! Child's Play -- from the creators of the Penny Arcade webcomic -- is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of sick and hospitalized children with video games and toys in over 70 hospitals around the world. Since 2003, millions of dollars have been donated and used to help these kids have fun rather than just sit in a hospital room.


Child's Play works in two way: You can click on a hospital on the Child's Play donation page and pick a gift to donate from the wish list or make a cash donation through PayPal -- which Child's Play uses to buy video games, consoles, toys, books and other fun stuff for kids throughout the year.


It is a great cause and if you would care to donate, please go to the site and make a kid a little bit happier this holiday season.


Thank you.








Well, time to get back into Skyrim. Remember to stay hydrated while playing, kids! A few of us here at Comics Bulletin are working on some stuff for the game and I would personally like to know how you have been enjoying it.


Let us know what race and character class you chose in the game. And, if you want, let us know how many hours you've already sunk into its expansive world. Leave a comment on this post or respond to the @ComicsBulletin tweet asking the same.


Until next time...











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