BULLET POINTS: Comics News Roundup for November 17, 2011

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That is Lee Marvin, but that is not just any Lee Marvin. That's Lee Marvin as drawn by Darwyn Cooke as part of a gallery in the upcoming deluxe edition of Cooke's adaptation of Richard Stark's Parker novels. The deluxe edition will feature a gallery of various cinematic iterations of Parker, including Marvin and Jim Brown from The Split. I'm hoping Chow Yun Fat's version from Full Contact is in there.

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Goddammit, More Marvel Cancellations

Let me just bullet these, ganked from Bleeding Cool:

  • Ghost Rider, written by Rob Williams, a few short months before the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance film's February release date.
  • X-23 by Marjorie Lieu is on the outs.
  • Black Panther: The Man Without Fear by David Liss and (sometimes) Francesco Francavilla will end with #529.
  • Villains for Hire, originally a five-issue miniseries, will now be a four-issue mini (not sure if they're just cutting it off at #4 or the story will actually end).
  • Punisher MAX will end (officially -- it was not cancelled) with #22 according to Newsarama.

Here's what the last issue of Punisher MAX will look like:

Comic Book Resources points out that, in October, there were books that sold worse than X-23, such as Thunderbolts, X-Factor, Avengers Academy and Ghost Rider. One of those has been cancelled. We should expect the rest to eventually go, too, as Marvel's budgetary mandates cut down more and more titles that aren't performing up to expectations.

Meanwhile, expect me to get angrier and angrier.


Cheer Up and Look at These Avengers Banners:

Ron Marz Leaves Voodoo

Of all the questionable gender issues happening in the New 52, Voodoo -- a comic about an alien stripper, by Ron Marz and artist Sami Basri -- was actually the least offensive of the controversial titles.

Now Marz is departing the book, as DC editorial wants to take the book in a different direction. To take care of that different direction, DC has tapped writer Josh Williamson (writer of Image Comics' Xenoholics and Oni Press' Sketch Monsters) to take the reins.

Not to bang that gender drum -- wait, fuck it, I'll bang that drum all day. I was really apologizing more for you than for me. Anyway, it would have been cool to see a female creator take on this one.

(via The Beat)

Preview Pages Galore!

  • Comics Alliance has an exciting preview of Womanthology (shows off just how amazingly varied the book will be) as well as an (equally exciting) preview of Brandon Graham's "The Speaker," which will debut in Dark Horse Presents #7.
  • Newsarama has an exclusive preview of Captain America & Bucky #624.
  • Comic Book Resources posted previews of The Mighty Thor #8, Wolverine and the X-Men #2 and Daredevil #7.



Geoffrey D. Wessel and Jeff Simpson's soccer-themed horror webcomic Keeper is back! This week they've started Issue #2 of the series. Go read it!







I'm listening to the new Art Brut right now, so I'm going to post a song by one of them. This is "Alcoholics Unanimous," off of their third album, Art Brut vs. Satan

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