Due to time constraints this week, I haven’t been able to pull together much of a column. However, I do want to make mention of four Best of (w/ some Worst of) 2004 Comics articles that have been posted on various websites (all of which helped to inspire my “THE” comics column from last week). There’s a wealth of excellent material to choose from on these lists (not to mention what to avoid), just don’t expect a lot of superheroes.

Comic Book Galaxy: Year End Round Table, conducted by Alan David Doane

The Comics Reporter: A Top 40 For 2004 by Tom Spurgeon

Best + Worst Comix 2004 by Andrew Arnold

Mile High Comics presents The Beat (by Heidi MacDonald) at comiccon.com

If you’d like to discuss these Best of 2004 Comics lists, feel free to start a thread at Special Effects, or e-mail me directly. And if you know of other lists of this kind out there in cyberspace, please let me know! I love to read ’em!

Enjoy the articles, and I’ll be back next week with more fun stuff on comic books!

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