Last week here in Busted Knuckles I addressed the possible problem of Marvel and DC Comics not knowing who their readers and consumers are. It brought a lot of response into the Busted Knuckles mailbox as well as various message boards. The majority of the mail that I got was that most readers do feel disenfranchised from the big two. Most feel that they aren’t getting what they would prefer. They feel that they are getting just a fraction of what they would like to see.

A good many of the folks that wrote in said they would like to see new characters get a gradual build up within an established book then if the character is built correctly give that character a mini-series. One mini-series that was brought up quit a bit with distaste was the new Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos. From looking at the sales figures on that book it was easy to see why it was not much of a blip on the radar.

Other readers said they were ok with the way things were going. They mentioned that they only read 3 or 4 books and don’t really care to venture outside of those. That was due to time, money and lack of interest.

I guess I hit a nerve with the subject of Captain America. Almost everyone that wrote in said they wanted the true red, white and blue Cap back. They admired what the creative and editorial team was trying to do with Captain America, but they want Captain America without the angst, self doubt and the also want Captain America not doubting his country or government. It seems that from the input I got the readers want Captain America to be a hero. No black and white. They want red, white and true blue.

There really seems to be a longing for heroes that are leaders and ones that are sure of themselves. Most said that they read super hero comics for hero entertainment that gives them the satisfaction that they can’t get in real life. They want to support their super heroes like they support our fighting troops all over the world and in America. It appears there is a desire for a little head busting. Getting back to Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos, quite a few readers mentioned they would have loved to have seen the new Howling commandos be an amped up human S.E.A.L. team that fought super powered terrorist threats. I gotta say I agreed. That was one of the pitches I sent to Marvel two years ago, but was told they already had plans that were horror related.

Like I said, the input from last week’s column was of great interest. Let’s hope the publishers create a way to learn more about their consumers.

Jefferson Buck: Man Trapper

The Preview of The Pitch
Every now and then I use Busted Knuckles to let y’all know what’s cooking creative-wise here at The Flying Fist Ranch. A few weeks ago I gave y’all an exclusive look at Cobb: Off The Leash that I’ve got coming out from IDW Publishing in May of this year with artist Eduardo Barreto. Seems like a lot of you were pretty excited to read that Cobb was going up against the Russian Mafia and Al-Qaeda. It seems Frank Miller has jumped on my manly bandwagon. Welcome aboard, Frank. Glad to have ya.

So this week I’m gonna invite you to have a look and read at one of my newest projects, Jefferson Buck: Man Trapper. It ‘s a series about the early days of the western frontier. It deals with a near legendary mountain man named Jefferson Buck. Some say he was a myth and others said he was the real thing. He was known as the last man any white man wanted to cross and he was the boogey man that Indian tribes spoke of in fear around the campfire. The Hudson Bay Company decided that they were losing too much business in this great western mountain region. Their trappers were getting killed, families being slaughtered and corruption was increasing. They thought they would find out if this Jefferson Buck was real or just a ghost.

They got their answer.

The company hired Jefferson Buck on as their “Mobile Security Director Of Dry Goods and Product”. That pretty much meant that if he found someone that was stealing from the company or causing harm to employees of the company then he was to redirect them from doing so. Sometimes that direction led these perpetrators out of the country, to jail or to a unmarked grave on a mountain trail.

It seems that the main cause of all this crime in the mountain area is a brutal and savage mountain man called Scary Bob. He and his semi-organized crew of cutthroat killers, half-breeds and other branches of criminal element were like the Al Capone gang of the early west. They were just as ruthless if not more.

Jefferson Buck is aided at times by a very eccentric Indian named Low Dog. Low Dog seems to come and go with out any real connection to any certain tribe or following. His abilities in the wild are very unorthodox and leave many that meet him shaking their heads, both whites and Indians. One thing is always constant, he and Buck are loyal friends and can always count on each other.

Jefferson Buck: Man Trapper is something me and my amigo, Eduardo Barreto came up with. Eduardo loves the old west as much as I do and we wanted to join up to do something in that time period. After spending our lives researching this stuff we hated to see it all end up just stting in my notebooks and his sketchbooks. We wanted to see em’ in print and share them with you and the rest of comics.

So we will be pitching this one around. We like it. We hope you like it and we also hope a publisher will like it. In a perfect world we’ll all be reading about the adventures of Jefferson Buck: Man Trapper.

Let us know what you think.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Evangeline Lilly
Actress. Star Of LOST.

Last week’s Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week was Kate Beckinsale. I mentioned that she had one of the great faces in Hollywood right now. Well, this week’s babe of the week is the other great face.

Evangeline Lilly is the break out star of one of my favorite TV shows?LOST. She is one of those unique actresses that can play tough, sweet, sexy, child like and flat out hot at any moment. It’s hard to believe that she hasn’t been acting long. She is already levels ahead of most that have been doing it a long time.

One of the best things about her is that she doesn’t over do anything. She always leaves you wanting just a little more. Her agent must be a smart one because you don’t see her over saturated in the media. Very wise move.

If you haven’t seen LOST then I suggest you rent or buy the boxed DVD set and then start watching the series. It’s one of my manly favorites and it always keeps ya guessing.

Busted Knuckles Manly Comic Book Cover Of The Week

Rangers Comics #69
Fiction House, 1952

This wonderful cover is one of the best manly mayhem covers of all time. This is a true work of testosterone art. Just look at all the action packed into this one cover. The act of violence count is amazing. You can just feel the dirt under your fingernails after gazing at this one for a couple of minutes. We should have action packed covers like this today. Where have all the great ideas for action and movement gone? I know if I saw this kinda cover on the shelves today that publisher would be getting my money.

You can never go wrong with a Rangers comic from Fiction House. Check em’ out at the next convention in the Golden Age boxes.

Manly Movie News

As most of you regular Knuckleheads know, my mom, the saintly Shirley Smith, was in the hospital all summer and most of the fall. During my time in her ICU room I had a chance to catch up on my reading. One of the books I read this summer was NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN by Cormac McCarthy. I have to say it was one of the best novels I’ve ever read and trust me, I read 2-3 books a week and always have.

This was one of the most manly tales you will ever read. It was one of those books that I have to limit myself when reading it. I wanna make it last. I always found myself just wanting to go cover to cover on it, but I didn’t. I took my time.

Well, this weekend I find out that they are gonna make a movie of this. I was pretty stoked. Even more so when I found out that the Coen Brothers were gonna do it. You’ll know these boys from their past movies such as: RAISING ARIZONA, FARGO, MILLER’S CROSSING, O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU?, and one of my all time favorites, BLOOD SIMPLE.

The short of the story is this: The story is set in Texas, where Llewellyn Moss, a young welder who spent two tours in ‘Nam is hunting antelope near the Rio Grande, he stumbles across some dead Mexicans, a stash of heroin and a suitcase full of money. He takes the money and runs. But after two more men are murdered, the local sheriff gets involved and an ex-Special Forces hitman is called in to retrieve the money, things get dangerous for young Moss.

Word is that Tommy Lee Jones is gonna play Sheriff Bell and there is gonna be an all-star cast for the rest. I want you to know that they main bad guy in this story is legendary scary. One of the most cold blooded psychos ever. The character will remind you of the bad guy Robert Mitchum played in the original CAPE FEAR. That kinda scary.

They are talking a budget of around 40 Million right now. So go read the book or listen to it on a book on CD. I have done both. By the way, the CD is incredible.

Lemme know what ya think after you read it.

The Wrap Up

I guess we are about done for another week. I wanna thank good ol’ boy Bill Bostic for sending me a manly package complete with the full soundtrack CD of all the Jonny Quest music and other Hanna Barbera action themes by the immortal Hoyt Curtin. Over 50 songs and all will get your blood pumping. He also included a manly Grizzly Beer patch that I will soon have some babe sew on my hat or jacket. And there was a wonderful warning sign saying “Beware Of Attacking Armadillo”. You cannot ask for more than that.

Ol’ Bill is some what of a crime fighter in Spencer, West Virginia. He is chief prosecuting attorney up there and not a man to be trifled with. He sent me photos of his lovely family as well. You also know better than to mess with them.

Much thanks, Bill. I hope you enjoy the manly package I have going out to you.

I hope the rest of you Knuckleheads have a manly week and do something your interested in. As always, let me know what’s on your mind.

Your amigo,

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