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I don't know how many of you watched this past Saturday's Video Game Awards 2011 on Spike TV, but there were a lot of announcements and trailers. Today's post is going to have very little news and a very extended VIDEOBITS segment. Frankly, those videos are the biggest news to come out of video games this past weekend! Also, no NEW RELEASES segment today because there really are no notable new releases this week.


So, let's begin Comics Bulletin's video game news roundup that has grown so hilariously infrequent that makes the character of Vincent in Catherine look far more ready for a commitment…











Modern Warfare 3 Reaches $1 Billion in 16 Days

A mere 16 days after its launch, Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 reached $1 billion in sales! That means that the game has reached that milestone in sales one day quicker than James Cameron's Avatar. Take that you over-grown Smurfs!


That said, it is really unfair to compare the two, since a ticket to a 3D showing of Avatar cost about $20 (at the most) while MW3 is $60 a pop. Numbers are just numbers.


(bit from GamesIndustry.biz)



Metal Gear Rising Not Part of Metal Gear Solid Series and was Canned Before Platinum

This past weekend, it was revealed that Metal Gear Solid: Rising had gotten a new title and a new developer. The game, now called Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, is being developed by Platinum Games!


Whether you like this news or not, this game would not exist without Platinum Games. Hideo Kojima — the mind behind all the Metal Gear Solid games — said that the game had lost its focus and, after some time, was canceled. But, after Platinum Games had heard this, they approached Kojima Productions and took over the project. In my personal opinion, Platinum Games seems better suited to a game like Metal Gear Rising. It is essentially a hack-and-slash game within the context of a Metal Gear game. Kojima Productions had most likely lost focus because it is a game like no other game they have made.


Now, Platinum Games is a developer that I have loved this generation! Not only did they make one of the best games on the Wii — MadWorld — but they made one of my favorite games that came out last year, Bayonetta! This is a great developer and I cannot wait to see what they do with this project.


Also, it was announced that this game is now no longer in the Metal Gear Solid series. While being set several years after Metal Gear Solid 4, the game is not going to be a Metal Gear Solid game (hence the name change). It is a new Metal Gear game altogether and very well could become a new Metal Gear series, if successful.


I am very excited for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and I am not a big Metal Gear Solid fan.


Trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance below!


(bit from Andriasang)



All Future Zelda Games to Have Motion-Control

The Legend of Zelda producer, Eiji Aonuma, has recently said that the series can not return to button controls. Yes, the same man who wanted to scrap the motion-controls during development of Skyward Sword is now saying that every game following will need to have motion-controls.


I have not yet played The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but I have heard a lot of complaints about the motion-control aspect of the title. I know that this is now the fastest-selling game in the franchise's history, but many are calling for the old control scheme to return.


Either way, how would this work with the upcoming Wii U?


(bit from Official Nintendo Magazine)



Naughty Dog Split Into Two Teams

After Uncharted 2:
Among Thieves
was released, Naughty Dog split into two separate studios. One focusing on Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and the other working on the team's newly-announced IP, The Last of Us.


The team is still split in two, with the first team working on the DLC for Uncharted 3, and may very well stay this way for Naughty Dog to work on more projects.


I am very excited about The Last of Us and cannot wait to hear what the other team will be working on after the Uncharted 3 DLC is done. Naughty Dog is a great development studio and more games from them can only be a good thing.


Trailer for The Last of Us below!


(bit from IGN)







Here are some trailers from the Video Game Awards 2011 on Spike TV, thanks to Game Trailers!


The Last of Us Premiere Trailer



The new IP from Naughty Dog. I cannot wait!


Also, in case you were wondering, that is NOT Ellen Page.



Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance



The new Metal Gear title, developed by Platinum Games!



Mass Effect 3



Who isn't excited for this title?



Command & Conquer: Generals 2



No one expected BioWare to announce this. It definitely seems like an odd choice and I feel a tad underwhelmed. This may be the first time I have not been excited for a new BioWare title since Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic came out.



Hitman: Absolution



I love that this trailer ends with referring to Agent 47 as "The Original Assassin". It may not be wise of them to take on the Assassin's Creed franchise, but fuck if this wasn't a damn fine trailer!



Transformers: Fall of Cybertron



I was a huge fan of High Moon Studios' Transformers: War for Cybertron! I am really excited for this title, despite this awkwardly chosen trailer theme…



Fortnite Debut Trailer



A new IP from Epic Games. Let's see how this one goes…



Alan Wake's American Nightmare



Last year's Alan Wake was one of my favorite games of 2010! I am excited to see this story continue, especially as a DLC title!



Diablo 3 Exclusive Intro Cinematic



I have never played a game in the Diablo series, but everything that I see from this title makes me want it more and more!



The Amazing Spider-Man Debut Trailer



What a frighteningly underwhelming trailer! Why are there robots? Isn't this supposed to take place immediately after the film? How could the film end where the next logical step would be robots attacking New York City?!



Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Debut Teaser



Probably the biggest surprise announcement. Mainly because this is something that no one either asked for nor wanted…



BioShock Infinite



I figured that I would save the best for last. This trailer was made entirely from in-game footage! This game makes me want to cryogenically freeze myself until the release. Of course, that would mean that I won't be able to finish any of the 1200 games I purchased this holiday season…









Child's PlayThe last thing I want to let you all know is that the Child's Play charity is still taking donations for the sick kids that need a bit of a holiday distraction.


Child's Play — from the creators of the Penny Arcade webcomic — is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of sick and hospitalized children with video games and toys in over 70 hospitals around the world. Since 2003, millions of dollars have been donated and used to help these kids have fun rather than just sit in a hospital room.


Child's Play works in two way: You can click on a hospital on the Child's Play donation page and pick a gift to donate from the wish list or make a cash donation through PayPal – which Child's Play uses to buy video games, consoles, toys, books and other fun stuff for kids throughout the year.


It is a great cause and if you would care to donate, please go to the site and make a kid a little bit happier this holiday season.


Thank you.



Until next time…






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