Happy Lasagna Cat Day, kids and welcome to another edition of Comics Bulletin's own video game news roundup! I don't know if you all are camped out in front of your local game shop, waiting for the midnight launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (I know I won't be), or outside the same shop with a bunch of 13-year-olds calling one another "n00bs" but desperately waiting until Friday for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (what I would do had I no job or a pre-order on Amazon), but you may need to catch up on all that news you missed.


So, thanks for turning your mobile web browsers over to the little video games news panel that could that tweens on the Internet angrily call…









Skyrim Goes Gold!



Less than a week before the game is released, Bethesda has officially 100% completed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!


I don't know if this is good news or awful news. Not that the game is done, that is great. But the fact that it was listed as completed a week before the game's release has me worried. Mainly because I feel as if the game should have been done earlier. This makes me think that they are going to — in true Bethesda fashion — release a broken game that won't really be 100% until a month of patches are sent out. I like the dedication that they were working until the last second, but how many copies could they have printed over the weekend?


Also, I work at an establishment that sells video games, and we were sent PC copies of the game last week before the Friday announcement. So, my guess is that it might not be so functional. PC gamers, get that game on Steam!


(bit from Bethesda Blog)



First Looks at Alan Wake 2 and BioWare's New Game!


Click for full-size image!Click for full-size image!


Here are a couple of preview images. The first from the upcoming Alan Wake 2 from Remedy Entertainment and the other from Bethesda's upcoming untitled game.


Both images are taken from the preview trailers from the upcoming Video Game Awards that will air on Spike TV, MTV2 and Spike.com at 8pm EST.


(bit from Game Informer and Game Informer)



Mass Effect 3 Has a Few Leaks…



BioWare's upcoming, highly anticipated three-quel, Mass Effect 3, had a very interesting weekend.


On Friday night, it seems that BioWare accidentally leaked their upcoming beta to all those who are beta testing Microsoft's new dashboard update. It not only included the multiplayer, but a large chuck of the story campaign that revealed some previously unknown elements.


The interesting thing about the leaked that really spilled out was the three modes of how players can play the single-player:


Action Mode: For those who want to emphasize action and combat, while minimizing story management. Action mode will set automatic replies in conversation and a normal difficulty.

Story Mode: For those who want to emphasize story immersion and minimize com
bat pressure. Story mode will set manually-selectable replies in conversations, while having lower combat difficulty.

RPG Mode: For those who want to explore both realms of story and combat. RPG mode will set manually-selectable replies in conversation and a normal combat difficulty.


    BioWare has already pulled it down and disabled all the copies (that is, if you are still connected to Xbox LIVE).


    But Russian fansite BioWare.ru grabbed the files from the leaked beta's campaign and has published them online. However, BioWare insists that the files do not reflect what will be in the full game.


    BioWare could be lying about the story not yet being complete, but who knows? As a fan, I do not wish at all to read any of it. Hopefully, I have enough games to get through until March 6, 2012…


    (bit from EGM and Game Informer)



    Call of Duty Elite is now live on Xbox LIVE



    For those of you outside of GameStop, waiting for them to open their doors and surrender their copies of Modern Warfare 3, Activision has officially released Call of Duty Elite.


    So, if you're that guy that wants to spend $50 for social networking Call of Duty-ness, enjoy.


    (bit from Destructoid)



    New Legend of Zelda Game Being Developed for 3DS!


    For those of you who are itching for more The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo is developing a Zelda game exclusively for the 3DS. Now, we did recently get The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for 3DS in September, but that was a rehash of the classic N64 title.


    This game will be developed as a 3DS game! Hopefully, the 3DS will still exist by the time it's ready for release.


    (bit from Games Radar)



    New Xbox to be Titled "Xbox Loop"?


    Blogger MSNerd (who has been known for revealing many Microsoft projects before their official debut) has revealed that the upcoming Xbox system is being developed under the codename "loop" and will debut a modified Windows 9 core. He writes:


    It will use a Zune HD-like hardware platform—a “main” processor with multiple dedicated assistive cores for graphics, AI, physics, sound, networking, encryption and sensors. It will be custom designed by Microsoft and two partners based on the ARM architecture. It will be cheaper than the 360, further enabling Kinect adoption. And it will be far smaller than the 360. It will also demonstrate how Windows Phone could possible implement Win9’s dev platform on the lower end.


    If this is true, I am interested in seeing how they doing all of this. Especially the making it cheaper than the Xbox 360. I don't know if they mean cheaper than the Xbox 360 now or than its premiere price.


    (bit from MSNerd)



    LEGO Universe is will be Disassembled in January



    Despite the game having over 2 million in its user base, the LEGO Group will be shutting down their MMOG, LEGO Universe.


    The LEGO Universe VP Jesper Vilstrup says that the company has not found a way to make a profitable model for the game. A total of 115 positions will be cut because of the game's closure.


    (bit from GameSpot)



    Warner Bros. to Cut 60 Jobs in Seattle Studios


    Despite the commercial success of Batman: Arkham City, WB Games has decided to cut 60 position from some of its Seattle-based studios.


    A WBIE representative has stated:


    "As part of the continual review of our business operations and fluctuating market conditions, we have had to make reductions in our WB Games Seattle workforce."


    Seattle studios include Monolith Productions — who developed the first to FEAR titles and the upcoming Gotham City Imposters — and Snowblind Studios — which recently finished Lord of the Rings: War in the North.


    I have been posting a lot of news about layoffs and studio shutdowns the last couple weeks. It may seem as if the video game industry is not thriving. I'm a little worried here…


    (bit from GamesIndustry.biz)



    PSN Content Now Limited to Only TWO Devices



    On November 18, PlayStation Network will be limiting the number of devices that you game content can be placed on to only two devices.


    Now, to most, this may not be a big deal. But, if you have had more than one PSP or PS3, this could stop your content from playing on your current device. Sony is planning to provide PSN users to deactivate your dead devices online, rather than having to send them to Sony, but you must do so prior to November 18.


    Personally, I have only had one PS3 and one PSP (that I have not looked at in over 4 years, despite buying it during a midnight launch when I was in high school), so this won't affect me all that much. Where I could see this be a problem for me in the future is if my downloadable content can be played on future PlayStation devices (i.e. PS Vita, PS4 or a PlayStation-certified tablet) and not being able to put it on that device because of these limits. It makes my content feel a lot less like my content and like I am just renting it from Sony. In those terms, fuck that noise! If I buy it, it belongs to me and I can put it on whatever device I own that can play it. It may seem like a dumb thing to whine about, but imagine if your Blu-Rays had the same limitations? That has always been my biggest fear with games, books, films or other digital forms of media. It may never really be yours…


    (bit from G4)








    Takeshi Miike's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Flick Gets a Full Trailer!





    Honestly, despite not understanding a bloody word, this trailer looks amazing! It looks like a Phoenix Wright movie!



    Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax by Tim & Eric





    I know that I keep posting videos from Saints Row: The Third, but they are not only highly entertaining, they make me want to get this game. It looks too fun to not own!



    Kevin Butler Does the Hammer





    Kevin Butler has been praising gamers on his YouTube channel that last week or so. The videos are pretty awesome!







    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

    Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection (Xbox 360, PS3)

    Cave Story 3D (Nintendo 3DS)

    Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2 (Xbox 360 Kinect)




    LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, DS, 3DS, PSP)







    Child's PlayThe last thing I wanted to let you all know was that the Child's Play charity has just kicked off its annual Holiday Season! Child's Play — from the creators of the Penny Arcade webcomic — is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of sick and hospitalized children with video games and toys in over 70 hospitals around the world. Since 2003, millions of dollars have been donated and used to help these kids have fun rather than just sit in a hospital room.


    Child's Play works in two way: You can click on a hospital on the Child's Play donation page and pick a gift to donate from the wish list or make a cash donation through PayPal – which Child's Play uses to buy video games, consoles, toys, books and other fun stuff for kids throughout the year.


    It is a great cause and if you would care to donate, please go to the site and make a kid a little bit happier this holiday season.

    Thank you.









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