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EXCLUSIVE?What you’re about to read is a Silver Bullet Comics exclusive. I’ve decided to debut this here for my amigos that gather around the electric campfire with me every week here at Busted Knuckles. It’s the least I can do for y’all since you show up every week and read my rants and wandering words.

This is the first time that anyone other than me is getting to read my latest creation. That creation is Pretty Tough.

This is a project I’m getting’ ready to shop around and you are gonna be the first to get to read it. Pretty Tough is the adventures of Molly McKenzie. Molly is a young covert agent for the government’s “Black Badge” division. The same branch that my other character, Wynonna Earp belongs to.

Molly has enhanced reflexes and strength provided so generously by Uncle Sam. She’s a little faster and a little stronger than most folks. She can’t leap tall buildings with a single bound, but she does alright.

Molly shows what it’s like to juggle her job as a government super agent and her ever-chaotic love life. If ya had to cram a summary of this series into a few words it’d be Alias Meets Sex And The City.

It’s got action, humor, romance and some quirky twists that I think you might just like. So gather round and sink your readin’ teeth into this exclusive preview to Pretty Tough.



An athletic man dressed in black stealth clothing, black ski mask, is running across the rooftop. He has a cylinder strapped across his back. This is the kind of cylinder that you would use to carry blue prints or artwork.

THIEF: (Panting)
This has gotta work? has to work.

A high tech chopper now appears coming down near the roof. There is a spotlight shinning down from the open bay door trying to focus in on the running thief. There is a flexible ladder starting to swing down from the chopper.

THIEF: (Panting)
I’m coming? I’m coming?

The thief’s gloved hand is reaching out to the fluttering ladder wrung almost touching it.

THIEF: (Panting)
Yes? yes?

The thief grabs the ladder wrung.


The thief’s heels are skipping across the last of the roof top as the chopper begins it’s pull away from the roof.

Tight shot of the thief as his head is turned looking back over the rooftop. There is a look of disappointment on his face, like a kid caught jacking off in front of his mother.


Running across the roof top at a speed much faster than the normal human is Molly McKenzie. Decked out in a skin tight, black leather outfit. Black, ankle high boots with heavy tread on the bottoms. She’s wearing a cool pair of retro goggles that give her night vision. Her blonde hair flows as she runs.

There is a pistol strapped to her thigh, a knife strapped to her calf and a MP2 snubby, fully auto machine gun slung across her back. Black leather gloves with free fingers.

Thanks to Uncle Sam, Molly has enhanced reflexes with extra adrenaline pumping through her body.

The thief is trying to climb up the ladder, but the wind and the chopper’s balance make it hard. He is in a panic and looking at Molly running getting closer.


Silhouettes against the city skyline. The ladder waving over the city in the wind. The thief hanging on to the ladder for dear life

Molly, running, is just about at the edge of the roof top.

Molly leaps off the roof towards the thief hanging on the ladder.

The thief is hanging on and looking in disbelief at Molly in her 30 foot leap and coming right for him.


Molly wraps herself around the thief with force from her leap. Her strong legs wrapped around his torso. He tries hard to keep his grip on the ladder as it sways from the force of Trish’s landing. She is cool and calm. He is in a panic.

THIEF: (Grunting)

From the bay of the chopper. two more men appear dressed as the thief. One is working the ladder winch. The other has a machine gun firing down in the direction of Trish.

MAN/WINCH: (Yelling)
Don’t fire! You’ll hit Bob!

Molly has her legs wrapped around Bob the thief as he struggles to get free of her. He is yelling back at the men in the chopper.

THIEF: (Yelling)
Yeah!! You’ll hit Bob! I’m Bob?

THIEF: (Yelling louder)
Don’t hit Bob!!

Molly has her legs wrapped tightly around the struggling Bob. One hand is free holding on to the ladder.

With her free fist, Molly is giving Bob a quick punch to the face. The spotlight from the chopper is dancing around.

Sorry, Bob…

THIEF: (Moaning)

Molly gives Bob another short punch to the face.

You’re bad?

THIEF: (Groaning)

Molly gives Bob another short punch to the face.

MOLLY: I’m good?

THIEF: (Moan)

Molly gives Bob yet another short punch to the face.

Gotta’ hit ya?

THIEF: (Groan)

Molly delivers the final short punch to Bob’s face. His ski mask is all off kilter now.

MOLLY: ? a lot!

THIEF: (Fading groan)

Bob is out like a light. His body stuck and entangled in the ladder. Molly is taking the cylinder from his back. The spotlight is no longer wavering. It is focusing in on Molly.

I’m gonna need this, Bob.

Molly has the cylinder strapped over her shoulder now. There is a jerk on the ladder upwards. She is looking up towards the chopper.

Time to go.

Cut to the bay of the chopper. There the man at the winch is hauling the ladder up. The man with the gun is pointing is down towards Molly.

Reel her in. She’s got the goods!

The ladder is getting closer to the bay of the chopper. The knocked out Bob is still stuck on the wrung of the ladder. Molly is holding on to it and leaning outward. The chopper is flying over the city and close to the Chrysler Building. There is a large flag pole coming out from the sight seeing platform.

Molly is looking at the knocked out Bob.

Been nice beating you, Bob.

The ladder is now very close to the bay of the chopper. The one thug has his gun pointed at Molly.

Get in or get shot.

Close shot of Molly. The expression on her face is one of a sweet innocent girl.

How about I just get…

Molly has let go of the ladder and is falling backwards as easily as someone steps off a curb. She is smiling.

? outta here?

Goodnight, boys!

In a perfect free fall, Molly is going towards the Chrysler Building. We can see the flagpole near. There is machine gun fire all around as she falls.

From Molly’s POV: An approaching flagpole.

Molly grabs the flagpole and does a spin on it like that of a gymnast.

She lands feet first on the sight seeing platform in a crouch. Machine gun fire still all around as well as the spotlight searching for her.

Cut to the Chopper bay. The man at the winch is not shining a hand held spotlight downward looking for Molly. The man with the gun is also trying to locate her.

Where the hell did she go?

Cut to the chopper pilot. He is talking into the mic attached to his helmet.

We’ve got police choppers in the area. I suggest we cut bait and run.

Back to the man with the gun.

Shit! Okay.

Get Bob’s dumb ass in here. Then let’s rabbit.

Show the chopper making a curve in the air as it turns from the building.

Molly is standing behind a support beam on the platform looking at the departing chopper. She waves bye-bye like a little kid would and smiles.

Molly shoves her goggles up on to her forehead. We see her face for the first time clearly.

Molly looks at the large diver’s watch on her wrist. She looks worried for the first time.

Geez! 9:30!

Molly is getting a small high tech cell phone from her belt and punching in numbers.

Tighter shot as she speaks into the phone.

Yes, Jake…I’m sorry. Yes I know I’m a little late. Yes, I know we had reservations for 8:00.

Okay? Okay. I’m on my way. Twenty minutes? really? I’ll be there.

With frustration Molly returns the phone to her belt.

She checks the contents of the cylinder on her back and pulls out a blueprint of some high tech weapon. She looks at it sideways and then back to normal. Her expression is one of “What the Hell is this?”


Molly puts the blueprint back in the cylinder and across her back.

I’ve gotta’ find some criminal element that works earlier hours.


There ya go. I hope you enjoyed this little preview to Pretty Tough – The Adventures and Love Life of Molly McKenzie. Now for you nitpickers I will admit ya might find some typos or wanderings from good grammar?well, that’s cause it hasn’t been under an editor’s eye yet. Live with it.

I’m hopin’ you’ll let me know what ya think of Pretty Tough. No artist has been named pinned down as of yet so the only art I have is one rough sketch from an artist that is tryin’ out for the job.

Remember?this is just a preview. And yeah? I’ve done all the copyright and trademark stuff on it. A special thanks goes out to my big amigo Chuck Dixon for givin’ me the title to this book. Thanks, Chuck!

I look forward to your thoughts on Molly. In the meantime?

I ain’t hard to find.

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