When our friends at Nobrow Press asked us to preview one of their upcoming graphic novels, we agreed immediately. They have a great track record of producing wonderful and unique books that become treasures – including Jesse Moynihan’s The Formingthe amazing Nobrow anthologyWorse Things Happen at Sea, and much more. When we saw these preview pages from Roman Muradov’s forthcoming (In A Sense) Lost and Found, we saw yet another worthy addition to that fine line of graphic novels.

As the pitch goes: What if you woke up and your innocence had gone missing? That’s just what happened to one young woman. The first graphic novel by rising star Roman Muradov explores the theme of innocence by treating it as a tangible object – something that can be used, lost, mistreated. Roman Muradov’s crisp delicate style conjures a world of strange bookstores and absurd conspiracies.

Take a look at the first few pages of this graphic novel below, then please share your thoughts on how it looks to you. (Click any image to see a larger version of the page)




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