The questions in my column of two weeks ago prompted regular reader John Wells to write with a substantial amount of additional information on three of the topics:

      Kid Eternity first showed up in the Marvel Family mythology in


      , before his behind the scenes role in


      and on-panel appearances in

#s 279-280

      . He then became a regular in the series, which lasted only through




      . It’s interesting to note that E. Nelson Bridwell had the Freddy Freeman-Kid Eternity connection in mind for some time. In the


    , Bridwell noted that the boys both gained their powers on the same day – August 23.

As for Plastic Man, after his series ended in ADVENTURE COMICS #s 467-478, the strip continued in SUPER FRIENDS #s 36, 43, 45 and, yes, WORLD’S FINEST #273.

Franklin Roosevelt appeared early in DC’s history during Siegel and Shuster’s epic 1936 “Invisible Empire” serial in the Federal Men series (NEW COMICS #s 4-10). The President appeared at the end of #4, bearing only a slight resemblance to FDR. The Feds saved him from a kidnapping attempt in #5 but when Washington, D.C. was under siege in #6, the Empire’s forces invaded the White House, “mowed” the bodyguards and, in a startling panel, held a gun to the President’s head. Perhaps because of the provocative scene, the President bore no resemblance to Roosevelt and had a thick white mustache.

Otherwise, the 1936-1945 Presidential appearances that I’ve found in my DC-related research were typically respectful with FDR depicted from behind or in silhouette. Some episodes (The Human Bomb story in Quality’s POLICE #3 and the Spy Smasher adventure in Fawcett’s WHIZ #12) showed Roosevelt’s full face with no hesitation while at least one (CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #10) resisted even identifying the important kidnapping victim in a story as the President of the United States.

Although it’s pretty much ignored these days, Barbara Gordon’s career as a Congresswoman has been noted on post-Crisis continuity. It figured into HAWK & THE DOVE #s 23-24 (set in Washington, D.C.) and has been mentioned as recently as the text page in BLACK CANARY/ORACLE: BIRDS OF PREY #1. Barbara Randall addressed Babs’ Congressional career in 1987’s SECRET ORIGINS #20, specifically the fact that she was too young to have served. Babs explained that she could be elected “under the provisions of the Knight Dependents Bill, passed into law in 1946. My accelerated schooling and college degree allow me to register as a candidate.” One could also interpret the name of the Bill to mean that Sandra (Phantom Lady) Knight completed the term of her dad, Senator Henry Harold Knight, when he passed away. Her teammate, the Black Condor (a.k.a. Senator Tom Wright) probably introduced the Bill.
-John Wells (

Thanks, John. You sure do make it easy for me to write a column.

How’s your music knowledge? Can you name the groups described by the clues below?
1. Inhabitants of Zrfff tell Supes he’s up, up and away?
2. Ted Kord and Dan Garrett decide that all you need is love?
3. Substitute Legionnaire Dag Wentim rides a wagon down a hill?
4. Original and Barry-Flash foes are happy together?
5. Namor and Arthur relax and get a tan?
6. Leifeld character and friends think you can’t hurry love?
7. Yeah, so Roscoe Dillon and three pals spin some disks?
8. The dim-witted Metal Man flies a helium ship?
9. House of Ideas launches an all-girl group?
10. If only Scott Summers and Baron Winters were twins and one could sing falsetto?
11. Scott Free and the Mrs. sing with Smokey?

1. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Eagles’ “Greatest Hits 1971-1975” is the biggest-selling rock album in history, with sales of 25 million.
2. Eleven fans were trampled to death at a Who concert in 1979; this brought an end to “arena seating” in the U.S.
3. Pete Best was the original drummer of the Beatles, before being replaced by Ringo Starr.

To those readers who have AOL and have thought about attending my Monday night Chatroom, your time is running out. I’ll be ending my more than six year run next Monday at 10:00 ET. It’ll be in AOL’s Comics & Anime Chatroom, as usual.

“In your August 13th column, you allude to a brief tenure in office by Linda Danvers. I am not aware that she held public office in continuity on Earth. She did wind up briefly holding the Presidency on a planet like Earth where teenagers ruled (circa ACTION COMICS #s 344-45). In an imaginary story in SUPERMAN FAMILY #200, she was governor of Florida. In continuity, her path ran: high school student, college student, reporter for a TV station, drama student, guidance counselor, soap opera actress, student.

Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, was temporarily a senator per BRAVE AND BOLD #85.”
– Mark Katzoff (

There was also a sequence of stories in which Perry White served as a Senator and the Daily Planet had a new editor-in-chief. As for Linda Danvers’ Congressional term, my copies of SUPERMAN FAMILY are buried deep in the comics closet. John Wells, old pal, can you help me out with this one?

“When will Iron Man the movie come out?”
– Santos (

I don’t know, but this gives me a chance to plug the news portion of our Silver Bullet site, Silver Bulletins. You can check out up-to-the-minute news reports every day here at SBC, as reported by our crack team of reporters and overseen by Jason Brice, our own Perry White. Any news about an Iron Man movie will turn up in the news section long before I write about it.

“Whatever happened to the advertised maxi-series from DC by Joe Kubert THE REDEEMER back when these series became popular?”
– Anonymous

“I just saw an ad in an old KAMANDI (1975 or ’76) for a LEGEND OF KING ARTHUR project (“in our new Super Sized format”) by Gerry Conway and Nestor Redondo. Any idea if this was ever published? I’ve never seen it & couldn’t find anything in Overstreet.”
– Raymond Neal (

Neither of these projects ever made it to publication. There were obviously reasons, but what they were is not something I recall after all these years.

“Speaking of CELEBRATE THE CENTURY, when will people who don’t live in the US and couldn’t get them through the USPS get the last five volumes through PREVIEWS? My niece (who’s a stamp collector, and already owns the stamps and the first five volumes)and I are waiting for them impatiently. Thanks by advance for the answer.”
– G?rard (

Gee, you missed all the ones I wrote!

Unfortunately, G?rard, I’ve checked the US Postal Service website and they don’t offer the books any more. I also think it is unlikely that they will be offered through PREVIEWS either. Perhaps there’s someone out there reading this who has extra copies?

“This is about Iron Man. It was said that there was a limited series or one shot or something that explained what happened with the whole teenaged Tony Stark growing up after the heroes come back in the Heroes Reborn stuff. Did this ever happen? One way or another, if it was explained, how did Stark grow up after Heroes Reborn/Return fiasco? Love your column, BTW”
– Lanier (

SBC Editor Jason Brice provides the following:
“It was explained in a Jarvis narrated back-up in the recent AVENGERS 2001 ANNUAL. He was doing a job surprisingly like yours, Bob, when you are in Answer Man mode: answering fan questions by e-mail.”

“I’m looking for a list of the 100 greatest Marvels, the ones that Marvel has released at least. They did have 100 through 91, but removed from their site before I had a chance to print it out. I have not been able to find them anywhere else. Thank you”
– Terry Tomlinson (

Again, Editor Jason has the answer:

“They were printed in a recent Bullpen Bulletins column. The column is counting down from 100 to 25 each week before they release the top 25 as specials in October.”

Gee, between Jason and John Wells, I didn’t have much work to do this time. Join me here again next week for more of your questions and somebody’s answers. In the meantime, if you have a question or a comment, send it along using the handy box in the column on the left.

1. 5th Dimension
2. The Beatles
3. Rolling Stone
4. Turtles
5. Beach Boys
6. Supremes
7. Four Tops
8. Led Zeppelin
9. Marvelettes
10. Four Seasons
11. Miracles

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