Nicola Scott: A Real Wonder Woman

As most of you full time “Knuckleheads” know, I have always been one that has been in favor of the internet to be used as a tool for good and not evil. Good being a way to promote all that is talented, fun and needs to be seen by others. Evil being the snarky little worms that trash anything and everything behind the so called safety of their “Cute, Nancy-Boy” screen names.

Recently it has filled my black, sin-filled heart with manly joy to see various message boards and other sites promote something good. The good in this case being the artistic talent of Nicola Scott, a wonderful artist from Australia that has a real knack for drawing DC icon, Wonder Woman.

Nicola has had some of her art and sketches posted on the message boards of our buddies Mark Millar and Geoff Johns joint at A lot of this promotional push comes from Nicola herself for posting up some of her art. Another major push and the way I became aware of her talent, was through “Knucklehead” Brian LaBelle. Brian is the prince of passion when it comes to comics. He has a real eye for talent and he is also an aspiring writer himself.

I was quite taken with Nicola’s slant on Wonder Woman. She seems to have a real feel for the character and is a wiz at storytelling movement and expressions. She has a real clear line and knows how to turn a page with her pacing. Trust me, ya don’t see that kinda talent that often. A ton of art submissions cross my desk here at the ranch every day. It’s nice when I see something like Nicola’s work that really stands out.

I’m hoping that the powers that be at Marvel and DC find her phone number fast and sign her up for something. I think she really has a way with mainstream characters. One the readers would also embrace. I think you’ll be able to tell that from the couple of pieces of art that I’ve posted up here.

Hell, even the “Pocket protector Wearin’Chess Club” at Wizard was smart enough to recognize and write a half page about Nicola in the latest issue of Wizard. Of course, I’m sure as soon as Nicola signs up with Marvel or DC Wizard will claim they “discovered” her alone. At least we’ll all know that it was really Nicola’s A-List talent and the belief that Brian LaBelle had in her that got her the notice.

I know from a personal point of view and my own selfish wants, I’d love to see Nicola on an issue of Wynonna Earp.

Do me a favor, y’all. Take a page out of Brian LaBelle’s book and if ya see some real talent out there, push it. Promote it and get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Sports Night

As most of you know I’m quite the sports fan and always have been. There’s an inner circle of us in the comic book business that trade a weekly email round of sports talk all year round. To tell the truth, I’m the only one in this circle that knows what he’s talking about, but it makes the other guys feel manly to talk to me about sports so I let it continue.

This week as you may or may not know, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Terrell Owens got suspended from the team until further notice for acts detrimental to the team. In Beau-Lingo, he got into a fight in the locker room with a member of the Eagles organization and then tried to start a fight with anyone else within earshot, including team quarterback Donovan McNabb. This is just the surface of the Astroturf that Owens has been scratching at since he joined the NFL. He has been locker room poison with every team he’s been with. He has a speed of light method of getting teammates to dislike him. He does an amazing imitation of a spoiled brat with emotional issues trapped within a man’s body. Like a spoiled brat he needs to be spanked and spanked hard. I hope the Philadelphia Eagles do it and soon.

I will not deny Owen’s talent as a wide receiver. He is one of the best in the last 10 years, but that doesn’t make it okay for him to act like a moron. Being a man should always come before talent. Terrell Owens has the talent, but he lacks the manhood.

Back in the day this kinda situation would have been taken care of within the team. If Terrell Owens would have been a teammate of Chuck “Concrete Charlie” Bednarik or Dick Butkus, this kinda thing would have never happened. Terrell would have not only found his ass beat, but he would have been booted out of the NFL never to return.

I’m sorry to say that in this day and age that won’t happen. Terrell Owens will continue to be signed by other teams until there are no more teams or he grows some balls and becomes a man that equals his talent. At this stage of the game I don’t think that gonna happen.

I also think he has kissed any hopes of a long-term contract with another team goodbye. As a lifetime fan of pro football I don’t need to see Terrell Owens on my TV. He is a perfect picture of what is going wrong with sports. Sad thing is, even if he were never to play for another team in the NFL, it would be just minutes before some network would sign his psycho ass up as a football commentator and he would like a plague on my TV screen forever.

Do I blame Terrell Owens for most of this, yeah, he is an ear and eye sore for the NFL. When I really stop to think about it the other hefty load of the blame goes to the media. If they didn’t show every idiotic touchdown dance, grandstanding rant from outside the stadium parking lot and alien like gibberish that passes for an interview from some “educated player” then maybe it would be 1965 all over and I’d be happy with the way pro football is presented to me.

Right now you may be saying, “Beau you’re not with the times.” That may be true, but I doubt it. I can think of something that I’d like to shove “up the times.” My foot up its ass.

Today’s pro athletes may be bigger and faster than those of the past, but they aren’t as manly.

Speaking of manly? My Beloved Chicago Bears are STILL #1 in the North Division. I love every second of it. According to my buddies that are Packer and Vikings fans a few seconds is all that I’ll have.

We’ll see, losers.

Manly Politically Incorrect Cover Of The Week:

Times have changed. They will continue to change. Some want to live in the past when things seemed simpler and safe. Others desire to live in the future where they can shade everything with rose colored glasses for a better world full of love, peace and hugging trees and whales.

Neither of those places are real. Life has its great moments and its bad. That never changes.

You cannot apply today’s ways to those of yesterday. You can learn from them and not make the same mistakes.

The United States has had its share of bad guys that they’ve had to fight in the past. The Nazis, the Japanese, the Communists, the British and others. Read a history book and learn more. There’s plenty.

Thing to remember when you check on the past is that it was a much different political climate than it is today. Always keep that in mind before you speak ill of the way your grandparents and great grandparents think, remember that they grew up in a much different world than the one you did. It will become more apparent to you when you’re a grandparent and your grand kids find your past to be outdated and strange.

Pop culture has always been a small time machine for us to view how things were. The United States has always been an interesting place to gauge the feelings of it’s people through pop culture. Comics are no different.

If you look at the Golden Age of comics you’ll find that Superman, Batman, Captain America, The Sub-Mariner and others fought the Nazis and Japanese with everything they had. The Silver age will show you that Little known and remembered DC Comics hero Tommahawk was the frontier fighting machine against the evil oppression of the British.

The 50s comics had us fighting more than our share of communists. Even when aliens invaded from outer space they were in league with the Communists. It was a fun time for heroes to kick ass and take Red Menace names they couldn’t pronounce.

One of the things that I’ve collected over the years in my travels to comic conventions are the commie busting comics from the 50s. Even today they are still pretty cheap to get considering how old they are. The reads are always interesting and the art is usually wonderful. You’ll find all sorts of the master craftsman behind the pencils of these hidden treasures. Guys like Gene Colan, John Romita, Sr., Ross Andru, Don Heck, Jack Kirby and may others.

This week I am gonna show you one of the most politically incorrect covers of the 50’s that is also one of the most hard to find. It is Attack #8 from Trojan Magazines July 1953. It’s filled with art by forgotten masters such as Art Gates, Albert Tyler, Harry Harrison, and Al Gordon. The issue was full of commie busting action. Everybody had a gun and no one was short of ammo.

This issue is hard to find and depending on condition you can pick it up for any where between $5.00 and $100.00. The cover is one like you won’t see today. In the 50s ethnic slurs and nasty little nicknames for the enemy had the green light. Most of the time they put em’ right there on the cover for the world to see. It was the same in the Golden Age of the 40s, but the 50s were the last of em’. After that the PC stuff started creeping in.

So remember when you see comics like this that what you are truly looking at is a time capsule from our past. Maybe if you talk to your older relatives you can get a better insight on how things were for them. Maybe one day your kids will be asking you.

Attack #8 Trojan Magazines. July 1953:

Beauty Is Not Always Wasted On The Young:

Another thing I like to blame on the media is the “Youth Factor”. They constantly try to shove the myth that if you’re not young then you have no worth. In a sex sells world they really try and beat us over the head with it.

I don’t know about you, but in my vigorous youth I would have been much more excited about being with a woman older than me than one my age. The thought of Raquel Welch, Barbara Eden, Linda Harrison, or Joey Heatherton was much more appealing than one of my age group.

These days hot older babes are shuffled off to the Hollywood glue factory faster than any sexual speeding bullet you can fire from your Tobey McGuire peashooter.

Point in case for you younger guys out there. The Beau Babe of The Week is the over 40 Gina Gershon. There are women that are beautiful and women that are sexy. Gina Gershon is both. She’s got the looks, the body and most important?she carries herself with a sexy attitude that Lindsay Lohan or Kirsten Dunst will never have.

Why yearn for fast food when there is a feast.

Rants Are Over. Quit Crying Like A School Girl:

Okay, I’ve made your eyeballs and ears bleed enough for this week. Digest the manly thoughts I’ve given you and hate me on your own time.

Make sure you hit your local comic book shop this week and buy some comics. Good ones. Don’t waste your time of stuff you don’t really like. Ask around and see if there is anything new to try out. Check those back issue bins for something fun and interesting.

As always let me know what on your mind. If it’s something good I’ll steal it and make others think I thought of it.

Your amigo,

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