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This week’s question comes from Alex Bartram and is as follows:-

“When was the last time you read a comic in public?”

Lee ?Budgie” Barnett:

OK – last comic I read in public?

Well, the last monthly book I read in public was What If volume 2,
WHAT IF The Avengers had fought Galactus, which I picked up on ebay with a stack of other WHAT IF’s. I’m a sucker for the title. Read it last night on the tube (London Underground)

Last trade I (re)read in public was this morning, in the coffee shop before going in to work. Just happened to get there early, so after The Times, pulled out the second volume of UNIVERSE X, which I’m about a third of the way through…


blog: http://budgie_uk.livejournal.com
Hypotheticals: http://www.hypotheticals.co.uk
There’s ALWAYS a crisis on Earth-Dave!

Lee ‘Budgie’ Barnett is a writer of comedy and comics, firstly Imperium’s TRAILER PARK OF TERROR, then X-MEN UNLIMITED #4 (Aug 04). Online, he has GOING CHEEP at Pulse, and his novel YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE A MAN CAN FLY here. Famed in UK Comics for Hypotheticals (devised with and presented by Dave Gibbons), he’s been described as being to accountancy what Indiana Jones is to archaeology.

Greg Horn writes:

I usually get a lot of comic books from people at conventions, so you can always find me reading comic books on the flight home… that’s in public, although only the people sitting right next to you can see!

Greg Horn is an artist and he draws hot women – nuff said.

Peter David writes

Yesterday. Barnes and Noble, in the cafe. With the candlestick.

Peter David is a writer, he writes Comics, he writes Books and he is my Dad’s favourite writer… it’s true!

Baz Renshaw writes:

On the way to work this morning.

Writer, artist, editor and Liverpudlian Barry Renshaw is behind the ENGINE COMICS line of publications and a founder of the ACCENT UK collective, makers of among other things, REDEYE MAGAZINE, a quarterly for the UK comics scene.

Kev F Sutherland :

Today. And yesterday. And the day before.

I probably miss a day or two a week, because I stay in.

Writer and artist on most genres of comic from (currently) The Bash St Kids in The Beano, thru Tarquin Hoylet He Has To Go To The Toilet in Viz, to Star Trek and Dr Strange for Marvel, plus Dr Who, Red Dwarf, Gladiators, Goosebumps and heaps more.

Sean O’Reilly:

I was waiting for a plane coming home from MegaCon reading an Ant trade. I was minding my own business when two girls started asking about the book.
Let’s just say that when you tell someone that you’ve published a book in the ‘general population’, it gets quite a bit of a different response than in the comic world. People are still fascinated about comics and getting the books published…it was pretty darn cool and it’s a GREAT ice-breaker.

Si vales, gaudeo!

Sean Patrick O’Reilly is Editor-in-Chief of Arcana Studios, and the writer of their book, Kade.

Frazer Irving:

Probably the beginning of the month, when I went o pick some stuff up
in Forbidden Planet. i also went to the pub that day and was reading
some of my new stuff whilst in there. Does that sound like a public
place? An odd question.

Frazer Irving: Essex boy, artist, philanderer. Did the small press
for 5 years, then 2000AD for another five, moved onto the glorious silky pages of DC recently. Not one for pigeonholing, he rejects the penciller-inker-colourist team-up and has merged 3 clones of himself into 1 so that he does all jobs. Possibly known for work on 2000AD’s Necronauts, Judge Death and The Simping Detective, currently doodling Klarion the Witch-Boy for DC.

Daley Osiyemi:

It was about a week ago, on the train going home.
It was ‘Strange Embrace’ graphic novel by David Hine (writer District
A brilliant piece of dark, psychological horror tale with art to
match. It gave me the creeps for dayz!!

Daley Osiyemi creator of Brodie’s Law and co-founder of Pulp Theatre Entertainment where he works as producer and creator on various new media and comic projects. Writer and producer of online animated comic series None But Us, developed a character to help promote broadband and is currently working on a graphic novel and a film idea.

James E. Lyle (a.k.a. Doodle):

Hmmm…let me see. It’s been a while. I took a copy of The Complete BONE Adventures to the Doctor’s office a couple of weeks back, but I didn’t take it in with me, because I felt so crummy and I didn’t want someone to sneeze on it or something. So I INTENDED to take it in public, but then didn’t. Before that…it was probably Joe Strazynski and JR jr’s Amazing Spider-Man collection, and I took it to a wedding that my wife was playing harp for. I read it in the car in the parking lot as people in fancy clothes walked by. Does that count? Or do I need to be on a park bench or something?

James E. Lyle is a cartoonist and illustrator, including co-creating titles Escape to the Stars, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. and DoorMan, plus work on Fright Night, Cynicalman Sells Out, and the accurately-spelt Wiindows. More recently Lyle worked on Turok, the “missing” Paul Gulacy T.h.u.n.d.e.r. Agents, and DRASTIK #1.

Bart Thompson:

Hmmmm, my memory sucks for stuff like this. Let me see… weekend before last I went to pick up my brother as we were all on our way to see Constantine and I was waiting in the car so I grabbed some library books I was planning to take back. I tried to read the Dark Knight Strikes Again, but I never got around to it, so I started reading where I left off and it was kinda interesting. So I ended up taking it back home and I read it sometime during the week. I guess before that you’d have to count the time when I checked out the books and I tried to read as much as I could before I left the library, but time didn’t allow, so I had to check about three of the books out.

If the question is about if one is worried about reading a comic in public, that isn’t me. I’ll read a comic whenever and wherever I have the time. I don’t read them in public much anymore because of time restraints. But when I used to ride the bus I was an avid comic in public reader.

Bart Thompson is the founder of Approbation Comics and creator of “Vampires Unlimited”, “the Metamutoids”, “ChiSai”, and “Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies”.

Vince Moore:

The last comic I read in public was Deus Vitae volume 3. It was just this past Sunday, March 13. I don’t drive, so I tend to take graphic novels of all types on the bus with me to read. I occasionally get some weird looks, but I’m used to that. I have no shame about reading comics in public. Why should I?

Vince Moore is the editor for DarkStorm Studios, a comics company started by Kevin Grevioux of Underworld fame.

Gary Spencer Millidge:

I don’t remember *ever* reading a comic in public. They’re not really designed for that, are they? They’re too short to read on the train and trade paperbacks are way too bulky. If I’m travelling, a standard paperback is ideal, fits in my top pocket and lasts there and back again.
I may have read comics in public as a child, maybe a Beano Summer Special on the beach. But I’ve always preferred to find a nice, quiet, private place to enjoy my comics.
These days I actually find it hard to find the time to read comics at all.
Or read anything for that matter, but that’s a different question.

Gary Spencer Millidge is the creator of the weird and wonderful Strangehaven comic, of which issue sixteen is coming imminently….yay!

Alan Grant:

Yesterday. I frequently read comics in my local newsagent’s, cafe and

Alan Grant, writer of Dredd, Batman, and the slightly mad Doomlord, can be seen currently with Arthur Ranson on Judge Anderson in the Judge Dredd Megazine, and the superb Com.X trade collection of The Last American.

Fiona Avery:

On the flight coming home from Canada, two weeks ago, I was reading Peacemaker Kurogane. I think a bunch of burly farmers sitting all around me were reading over my shoulders, but everytime I looked up to see if it was really true, I found them burying their noses back in their almanacs and Crichton novels. Obviously mine was the more fun read.

Fiona Avery created No Honor at Top Cow, and currently writes Amazing Fantasy for Marvel

Stephen Holland:

About a week ago, on the bus on the way into work.

I don’t normally read comics on the bus.

It’s not that I’m embarrassed to be reading comics in public, it’s that the comics I savour have to wait until I’m on my own, in the comfort of my study, with a bottle of wine and an ashtray on hand.

Those I’m reading for the purposes of the shop (to gauge sales, potential readership, keep myself up to date etc.) get rushed through more or less the day they arrive in the shop, so they can find their way back onto the shelves.

Bus time is prose time for me. It’s very easy to slip on the prose given the amount of comics I have to read (what a lousy job, eh?), so last thing at night and the bus is reserved for prose.

But the other week there was a graphic novel I had to get through to review it that morning in time for the Page 45 Mailshot. Unfortunately it was Ascend – interminable sub-Anne Rice pontification in aquatic green goth-o-vision. So yeah, that morning I was very embarrassed. Especially when I realised that in my late teens I would have lapped it up.

Stephen Holland runs Page 45 – a comic shop in Nottingham – with Mark Simpson and Tom Rosin. He can also be found, monthly, in Comics International.

Jesse Leon McCann:

I read several when I took my father to his eye doctor for surgery. I noticed people in the waiting room taking note of it, but no one said anything to me. Now, a better story is when I was in the hospital for tests last year, I saw a guy reading comics and struck up a conversation with him. It turned out he was a fan from way back, and bought the comics from a local retailer friend of mine. Best of all, he was a back-up singer for ex-Doobie Bro Michael McDonald, and told me he was going to be on Oprah with McDonald the next day–which I tuned into and watched. He was a really great singer!

Jesse Leon McCann is a New York Times Best-selling Author. He’s currently editing the fourth Simpsons TV Episode Guide for Bongo Comics/Harper Perennial, and writing stories for DC Comics’ Looney Tunes and Cartoon Cartoons.

Kwanza Osajyefo:

All the time.
Is there something strange about that?
I like to read them on the bus.
I like to read them on the train.
I like to read them on the toilet…
and if it sucks I wipe my ass with it.

Kwanza Osajyefo is the founder of Funky Comics, home to Jim’s Ninja and a number of other forthcoming comic book properties.

I must admit if I amfeeling brave I read comics in public, I have read them in Starbucks and also walking through Sainsbury’s. My mates have often taken the piss out of me for my comic collecting, so often I tend to only read them at home when the girlfriend is out as apparently I take no notice of the outside world when I am reading a comic… The last comic I did read in public was last week and it was called Angel Fire, it was excellent and scary.

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