After a long wait, Robert Kirkman (Fire Power, The Walking Dead), Lorenzo De Felici, and colorist Annalisa Leoni have returned to the popular sci-fi comic Oblivion Song with an oversized issue #25 from Skybound/Image comics!

New story arc synopsis:

In Oblivion Song #25, Nathan Cole’s world has changed. Nothing could have prepared him for what has happened, what he’s had to do, and how it has affected him. Starting now, he embarks on a new journey with a full knowledge of Oblivion and what caused the Transference! The fate of the Earth rests in his capable hands!

Beware, this review contains spoilers!

As most of us expected, Kirkman made the decision to place in a three-year time jump to set up this all-new story arc. So when this comic picks up with Nathan, he is still trapped within Oblivion, after the military decided not to send in a rescue mission for him. In fact, in issue #24, they cut off all travel between earth and Oblivion. He still fights for survival, except this time he has a couple of new Faceless Men friends, including an awesome Oblivion monster he names Lightning. Once again, let me say that the art and coloring in this comic is absolutely beautiful, as it always has been.

Nathan tries to rebuild the machine that he first built to enter Oblivion as a means of escaping, however, the land does not possess the materials needed, therefore he needs new creative ways of getting what he needs. The Faceless Men he is now friends with are working with him, as they know that this technology can be used to stop the “growth” in Oblivion. However, the Kuthaal already have this technology and are using it to prepare an attack on earth.

By far the strongest part of this issue is Nathan’s new sword. He built it with the scraps of his broken belt, which did not have enough charge to take him home. We see him use it, and it’s totally badass. In fact, it kind of reminds me of Thor’s hammer, with all the lightning it releases. I always felt like he needed a cool weapon and now he’s got one!

By the end, Nathan is working on getting the transference complete, when we learn that the Kuthaal have already finished it, and are planning an attack on earth. I’m a fan of where Kirkman is taking this. A battle between humans and Faceless Man would be epic.

Who knows what will happen in future issues? Kirkman definitely sets up the prospect for a war between the Faceless Men and humanity, and Nathan, trapped in Oblivion, is in a situation where he can solve the trials and tribulations to come. I’m betting that he tries to ambush the Kuthaal’s base to sabotage their technology. Kirkman always has a way of twisting his comics, so I’m sure we’ll see something nobody expects.

Overall, Kirkman did a fantastic job at returning fans to Oblivion Song with this issue. It’s very self-contained, only following Nathan and his time hanging out with the Faceless Men in Oblivion. In the next issue, I hope that we are able to see more of Ed and his family. Of course, the art and coloring are both stunning. The new story arc has been set up brilliantly!

Grade: B

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