Do you still use this book? I do. I got this book a month ago. Unfortunately I haven’t read through the whole book. No I don’t mean looking at all the prices. I mean reading the Advisor’s comments, Market Report, Hall of Fame and others.  I looked at all the ads and read the Market Report and read all Advisor’s comments.



Ads I found them comical. Lot of dealers are saying “I paid the most” in their ads.  How do you know what some of the other dealers are paying? The prices of the book is all based on demand, location, collectability, etc. I also noticed no ads from CGC again this year. They usually bought couple pages of ads in the book in the past. CGC must be doing really well that they don’t need to advertise. I heard when you submit your comic books, it will take months for you to get them back.

Market report is good but very short. Overstreet could put some more numbers out there.

Most of the advisor’s comments are great. Some of them need to put more effort into their writing. Two advisors have three short paragraphs. They are either lazy or not into comic books anymore. Well, it could be that this year, Overstreet put a cap on their advisor’s comments to 1200 words. Most of them are said 2019 was a great year. I don’t think every comic book stores do well. I always hear comic book stores are closing. The local comic store I go to, one of the clerks said the comic books sales are declining. They cut back some of the deals they have for membership.

Prices of comic books are so fluid nowadays, I use different sources for prices. Every year when I get a copy of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, I looked at the prices first to see what some of my comic books are worth. Now I don’t paid too much attention to that section. I definitely do use that as a reference.

This book came out in September? and the prices are already outdated. Some of the books got hot and prices don’t seem in line with what Overstreet mentioned. For example, the first appearance of Miles Morales in Ultimate Fallout 4 in Overstreet suggested NM 9.2 of $90. The current Market value of NM CGC 9.8 is $1,000. For CGC 9.2 prices are around $220. Overstreet needs to created another column for 9.8.  These books got hot around March to April 2020.

Another book that is not in line with Overstreet is Captain Marvel 17 (2nd printing) suggested NM 9.2 of $325. The current Market value of NM CGC 9.8 is $3,500. For CGC 9.2 prices are around $1,100. Overstreet needs to created another column for 9.8.  These books got hot around September to October  2020.

There are many other books that got hot so they need to come up with a better solution.

What Overstreet should do, is that they should include a code in the book. If you buy the book, you will get the code to an Overstreet app. This app will include current market prices.



The section I like is the Overstreet Hall of Fame, it is nice to see some of the artists and writers get recognized. This year, they have it in the front of the book instead of in the back. Another section I like is the milestone but Overstreet doesn’t have that this year. Are they cutting back costs, is that why they eliminated it?

I still remembered back in 1986. My brother bought home the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. It has Fantastic Four, Hulk and Spiderman on the cover. We looked at the some of the prices. We all said we wished we have this comic book and that comic book. 

What do you think of Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide?

What am I going to do with these Price Guides?

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