The film Kick-Ass 2 was better than its comic book. Kick-Ass 2 was the weakest of the Kick-Ass series of comics written by Mark Millar. Violence, seemingly already taken to the extreme in the first volume, was taken further in the second volume. In fact, the second movie toned down the comic book violence, believe it or not, just like the first movie did. But Kick Ass 2 was panned by critics and ignored by movie-goers. It’s a shame, really, because this movie truly shined in the way that the comic that is was based on did not. It is highly unlikely that there will be a Kick-Ass 3 movie to complete the trilogy, especially because the Kick-Ass 3 comic lived up to its name more than any of the other series that bore its name. But I digress.


After a very successful Series 1 of NECA Kick Ass 2 figures, Series 2 has come out featuring Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl and Colonel Stars and Stripes. Figures stand from 6.5″ – 7″ tall and feature over 20 points of articulation and movie accurate accessories. Just as all NECA figures, these toys are highly-articulated, detailed, and all look very similar to the actors that played them in the motion picture. The retail price for these toys are $29.99, but it won’t take you too long to find these figures for $9.99 after just a little investigating.


All 3 toys are 7″ tall. Kick-Ass still has his trademark green and yellow wet suit and Timberland boots. Only now his costime is brilliantly enhanced with an incredibly texture-molded combination of plates, pads, braces and straps that begin at the (turtle) neck and end in stirrups. The belt has been painted yellow, is inscribed with “KA” at the buckle, and comes with a set of dual cartridges on each side. Abundant articulation can be found in ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, abdomen and ankles. The elbows, knees and wrists are hinged swivel-joints. There also is the hinged t-joint at the hips. This also comes with an extra uncovered head in the accessories.

The Hit Girl and Colonel Stars and Stripes figures are also winners! The Hit-Girl figure has a great likeness to Chloë Grace Moretz. The weapons that come with her look great and fit easily in her hands, which are fairly easy to switch. And the Colonel Stars and Stripes bears a striking resemblance to actor Jim Carrey. His dog Eisenhower is included as well The highlight on his toy is actually the bat that comes as an accessory. And the writing on the bat is completely readable.


Next up! Wave 3 of NECA’s insanely popular NECA Scalers 2″ characters toys! Toys in this line include Batman ’66 (!!!!), Superman, Captain America and Thor. Reasonably priced at just $6.99 each, these cute, collectible minis are just so cool to as ornaments, wrapping there little hands around anything, like cords, wires, straps, cables and more! These toys are adorably sculpted, and highly original in concept. There’s literally nothing else on the market comparable to these excellent collectables.


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