Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #7

Posted: Sunday, October 14
By: Ray Tate
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"In Springfield No-One Can Hear You Scream"
"I'm Not in Springfield Anymore!"
"Catastrophe in Substitute Springfields!"

Oh, hell. Do I have to? Sigh Okay.

Writers: Garth Ennis;Stan Sakai;Troy Nixey; Mark Hamill (yes, that one)
Artists: John McCrea, Dave Stewart (c); Stan Sakai, Nathan Kane(c); Troy Nixey, Dave Steward(c); Bill Morrison, Jason Ho, Mike Rote, Art Villainueva(c)
Publisher: Bongo

Plot: Yet another in the long line of treats in the Halloween bag of The Simpsons.

In the first story, Garth Ennis parodies Alien. It's silly, slaphappy and an amusing tonic that counters most of his Vertigo work. He clearly understands the genre of the traditional horror story. His send-up is without flaw and includes the gotcha ending topping off the "it was all a dream" ploy.

John McCrea's rough artwork with an overemphasis of shadows and slime fits perfectly. His take on the Simpsons is a little jarring but fits with the original sketchy family seen on The Tracy Ullman Show.

The second story follows the yellow brick road to a goofy version of The Wizard of Oz. Stan Sakai conjures some real winning parallels to the Simpsons and Frank L. Baum's creations. Artwork and story are suitably madcap Simpsonian.

Troy Nixey relates a tale that spoofs his own style and love for Lovecraftian horror. The story further attempts to imitate in the sincerest form of flattery the way in which past Treehouse of Horror episodes have played with the yellow skinned, four-fingered reality of the show when compared to our reality.

When actors write or sing, you expect the worst, but Mark Hamill contributes a story that is genuinely funny on all levels, knowledgeable about the comic book genre and really, really weird.

Multiple artists accomplishing the same tasks on books usually leads to a slapdash look, but here, there is a reason for the multiple artists, and the joke is enhanced by the duplicates.

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