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Ruse #9

Posted: Wednesday, July 3, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Mark Waid, Butch Guice, Mike Perkins, Laura DePuy
Publisher: CrossGen Comics

It was nice seeing Simon Archard’s private library, what a collection of books he has! I would like to know what some of those books are. Butch Guice does a magnificent job in detailing the gorgeous Church of the Dryadine! When the drawings are done so well like this, the reader can’t help but feel they actually walked into the reality of the CrossGen Universe.

What a strange lady Ophelia Pressmonk is. She is actually attractive, even with the beard. It’s her eyes that make her lovely. Simon had to really prove himself in Ruse #9. It was questionable if there was a person in his life that he is actually afraid of. A person that is the equal intellectual adversary of himself. A man named Lightbourne who actually worked with Archard on earlier cases.

Simon never gives up; he seeks the motive to a murder with relish. His explanations are always on the mark. Lightbourne may be a big hindrance to Simon and will the taunting be overwhelming for Simon? Lightbourne has the same taunting techniques as a real serial killer of our own reality. A killer that taunted the San Francisco police, Vallejo police and various media. That killer was known as the San Francisco Zodiac and he was never caught. The police and media are still haunted by this elusive masked killer. Could Simon fall into the same dilemma?

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