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Hawkman #5

Posted: Saturday, July 6, 2002
By: Ray Tate

"Slings and Arrows"

Writer: Geoff Johns & Jams Robinson
Artist: Rags Morales(p), Michael Bair(i), John Kalisz(c)
Publisher: DC

Plot: A bowman is murdering some VIPs in St. Roche, but it's not who you think, and he's not going jail. Damn.

Mr. Johns portrays Green Arrow as an arrogant lothario you may see in a seventies porn movie. I hate Green Arrow, so even if somebody as talentless as Rob Liefield happened to be drawing the adventure, I'd still love it. Best of all, Hawkman clocks the miserable archer. Did I mention how much I hate Green Arrow? Hit him again! Hit him again!

Think he'll make any headway with Hawkgirl? Hah! She exquisitely puts him in his place. True, I would have preferred she pull a katar off the wall, gut the green greasy gigolo then strangle him with his intestines, but we cannot have everything, can we?

Before Green Arrow attempts woefully to hog the spotlight, Mr. Johns quietly builds on Carter's and Kendra's relationship. The scene beautifully contrasts the bombastic scenes in which the Arrow blows hard. There are no more louder scenes even when considering the boisterous Mardi Gras parade than those involving the always speaking Green Arrow. Thanks to Rags Morales, you can visibly see Carter getting angrier and angrier before he finally decides to smack him down. Hit him again! Hit him again!

Incidentally, if anybody thinks the Archer has a point about the relationship between the Hawks, pul-lease! Carter and Kendra are adults. What's more they're both incarnations of immortal lovers. This is fantasy people, but you knew some jerk might mention that in the future. What better jerk is there than this sad pathetic excuse for machismo?

Mr. Johns makes it clear that as always Green Anchor has ulterior motives. You've met this guy before. He's the one who charms women out of their knickers and destroys them emotionally. He's the cad that makes that knockout friend of yours permanently Oprahfied: hating herself when she should be pulling out a gun and making him dance. Hit him again! Hit him again!

When alone with Hawkgirl, the Arrow immediately begins his head-games, but Kendra's too smart for him and too happy with herself. She knows he's only interested in plucking her tail-feathers. Hit him again! Hit him again!

As for the mystery, Mr. Johns comes up with a tidy solution that echoes in the halls of DC's acquisitions department, but honestly, the mystery is the least impressive element of the book. Hit him again! Hit him again!

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