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Spider-Girl #49

Posted: Sunday, July 7, 2002
By: Ray Tate

"A Dish Served Cold!"

Writer: Tom DeFalco
Artists: Pat Oliffe(p), Al Williamson(i)
Publisher: Marvel

Plot: We discover whom Alice intends to kill and why Spidey hates Kaine so much.

Tom DeFalco better handles the enormous cast of Spider-Girl. His choice of character arrangement combined with strong segues create a better flow for the story. Despite focusing on the same players and more, the newest adventure lacks the choppy feel of the previous issue.

The revelation of how Peter lost his leg satisfies in terms of action and psychology, but since the original Green Goblin took part in the crippling blow, for me, it's a little far fetched. I mean Norman Osborn died in that fire way back in the sixties. I just can't wrap my brain around his return. Sorry.

The artwork has been much improved. Now, Pat Oliffe and Al Williamson can do no wrong in this title. Everything is bouncy when the webs come out and realistic for instance when you discover despite attempting to turn over a new wing, you still must go to jail to pay for your crimes. This seems a little unfair given that Venom, a killer, was running around free, and most of the Thunderbolts were given a second chance.

The colors last issue ruined it by robbing the detail from the art, but here Udon Studios preserve Oliffe's and Williamson's crosshatch to better maintain the artwork's character. Also the color doesn't destroy the well-worn feel of the clothing and indeed the people.

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