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The First #21

Posted: Tuesday, July 16, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Barbara Kesel, Andy Smith, Brad Vancata, Jung Choi
Publisher: CrossGen Comics

Trenin the Hunter takes center stage in The First #21. We learn more about what makes up the character of Trenin. We know that he must have honor as a hunter. It is very important to his make-up. The only thing that Trenin has on his mind is hunting Tulity as he leaves her child with Nevole. This child becomes a legend in his own name, that of Seahn.

Trenin meets up with an older Seahn and the drama unfolds. I like the way the behemoth Enson steps in and interferes with Trenin. Trenin doesn't know what to make of Enson.

Then back to Persha and Pyrem for a moment of dramatic relief. Then to the meeting of council elders, things are getting spiced up, but before I go on I must say that Antem looked exactly like The Rock aka The Scorpion King, or was that my imagination?

Great conclusion as Yala joins Gannish in the voids of space. They remain side-by-side and Yala may never return to her world.

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