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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen II #1

Posted: Saturday, July 27, 2002
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: Kevin O'Neil, Ben Demagmaliw(c)
Publisher: DC

Was it worth the wait? Damn Straight! League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a work of a genius. Really, the ideas just meld so smoothly you wonder why nobody else had thought of the concept before.

Certainly there have been pastiches. Most of them bad. Some of them downright evil. The Searchers almost approached the idea but took a safer method to present the adventures of the progeny of famous literary characters.

Mr. Moore presents a bona fide drama which transports one of the neglected heroes of yore to the red sands of Barsoom to combat a mysterious menace who when manifested will have more well read readers cheering.

He mixes in a little von Daniken Easter Island lore for flavor, shakes well than sends the potent mixture to earth. This leads to the conclusion of the first issue in which the Gentlemen are hilariously reintroduced in widescreen panels.

What Kevin O'Neil did for the original series, and it was much, pales by coparison what he streams through the pages of this latest miniseries. With Ben Demagmaliw he grants an eerie beauty to John Carter's Mars and bestows an ornate, exotic quality to the trappings of the Tharks and John Carter's regalia.

The assault on alien steeds against the menace is weird and stunning. The antagonists ooze otherworldly malice. The strange helpers of Carter and his friend acquire a tainted angelic presence. Not to be missed.

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