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Avengers #56

Posted: Saturday, August 3, 2002
By: Ray Tate

“Lo….There Shall Come an Accounting.”

Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artists: Yanick Paquette(p), Ray Snyder(i), Tom Smith(c)
Publisher: Marvel

Despite my misgivings over the Avengers/Kang War, I had a lot of fun reading Kurt Busiek’s run on The Avengers. About the only thing that consistently annoyed me was Vance Dorko A.K.A. Justice, and Ms. Marvel’s new name.

Mr. Busiek’s last bow is a whimsical story that reminds readers why they so enjoyed his run in the first place. First, he surprises. Were we all not stunned to find Hank Pym and Yellowjacket co-existing? Who else but a history-hound like Mr. Busiek would bring out Stingray and Firebird? This issue demonstrates his versatility with characterization by adding to the roster of the big three Avengers inactive and active surprising guests.

Mr. Busiek liked to stir up the roll call with a jackass or two. Triathlon immediately comes to mind. This issue’s jackass is a traditional one, but no less fun. No, it’s not Hawkeye.

Mr. Busiek loved the old villains. Ultron, Kang and even the strange sorcerer who pestered Spidey and Red Sonja showed up to contend against the Avengers. This last Kurt Busiek issue harbors a group of old Avengers villains from the eighties. That they also sport a cheesy team name is a bonus.

The plot to the current issue entertains. It considers the real world consequences of Marvel super-heroes. It pays homage to Batton Lash’s Wolff & Byrd. The legal aspect of the story may in fact foreshadow Power Company.

Joining Mr. Busiek is his recent partner from his DC title Yanick Paquette. In regards to the female hero, let’s get Mr. Paquette work on a new series for her ASAP! She looks stunning, and Mr. Paquette isn’t even doing his best work! Ahem. The guys are fine too.

Mr. Paquette captures the boisterousness nature of a care-free Thor. His Iron Man does not resemble a refugee from an anime robot factory and looks more like his own armored self. The Captain looks remarkably stalwart. Another Avenger appears uberserious while still another reflects the changes made but enjoys a less serious demeanor.

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