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Hawkman #6

Posted: Saturday, August 10, 2002
By: Ray Tate

"Slings and Arrows" Part Two

Writer: Geoff Johns and James Robinson
Artists: Rags Morales(p), Michael Bair(i), John Kalisz(c)

Is that a great cover, or what? Hit him again! Hit him again! Seriously though, hit. him. again!

Inside the book, Mr. Johns, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Morales, Mr. Bair and Mr. Kalisz pretty much fill the book with fourteen pages of our heroes and one green jackass tackling a villain based on an old hero.
This is the way comic books from DC used to be made. The action is vivid, exciting and astonishing. You devour these pages. Even a gleefully admitted Green Arrow hater like myself marveled at the depiction of his phenomenal archery matched by his deadly counterpart.

The imagination involved is breathtaking. Who would have conjectured the possibilities in a cramped office space crisscrossed by webbing? Who would have thought in the first place to streak webbing across a cramped office space? I'm always impressed when somebody can come up with an idea that is not asinine and one of which I would not in a lifetime conceive.

Melded smoothly with the battle is Hawkman's absolute faith in his partner. That faith seems to be based on the love that they share for each other; though Kendra will be damned to admit to such feelings. This makes the emotional conclusion all the more devastating.

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