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Gotham Girls #1

Posted: Saturday, August 10, 2002
By: Ray Tate

"Cat's Paw"

Writer: Paul Storrie
Artists: Jennifer Graves(p), J. Bone(i), Patricia Mulvihill(c)
Publisher: DC

Paul Storrie the keeper of Robyn Hood's quiver travels the rooftops of Gotham City for the premiere of Gotham Girls. Based on the webtoons which in turn are based upon Batman: The Animated Series Gotham Girls as one may expect focuses on the women of Gotham City: Batgirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya.

Opening with a classic Catwoman theft, "Cat's Paw" soon dissolves into the majority of scenes where a determined Batgirl chases Catwoman through Gotham. The differences of Mr. Storrie's attitude can be found in Batgirl's efficacy. She is even more a threat to Catwoman's plans than Batman. The dialogue hints at the reason.
Batman and Catwoman share a mutual attraction, and because of this attraction, the Dark Knight subconsciously allows her to slip through his fingers. Likewise, Catwoman will ignore the perfect score if it saves Batman. Readers recently saw this occur in Batman: Gotham Adventures.

Batgirl has no such psychological impediments. Even Catwoman becomes surprised and in order to escape, though with her tail tucked firmly between her legs, she must cheat and resort to underhanded villainy. Her karmic payback thus especially satisfies as does Batgirl's tight-fisted promise of "Round two."

Jennifer Graves provides more than animated design. She takes advantage of the style's more accommodating nature to depict dynamic action. Catwoman bounces and flips out of the path of expertly thrown batarangs--I do believe this is the first time she has been hit by one in any continuity--and the gymnastic Batgirl. Enough of this mini-series nonsense. Let's have Gotham Girls. upgraded to series status.

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