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Negation #9

Posted: Monday, August 19, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Tony Bedard, Paul Pelletier, Dave Meikis, James Rochelle
Publisher: CrossGen Comics

I still can't believe Javi got that hole blasted into his chest! Everyone is shocked. Javi is no more and there will be days of remorse, especially as only he had the power to keep the most powerful good-guy topped up – what is going to happen with her now?

Negation #9 had superb action. There were scenes that made my heart beat just a little bit faster. Like the one scene where a baby is being held by his feet and there is a threat of the baby being dropped on his head. Why a baby is in this situation in the first place might be a good question to ask, obviously to service the plot as now we have a Sigil bearing infant....but, in any event, the potential in this has got to be good!

I had a good laugh seeing the dog named Gullit. That is one massive size dog! Charon is the big bad guy, and seems to be the center of everything in this story and now Qztr thinks Charon is withholding information about the other universe. Will Charon be upsurged by Qztr if these type of accusations continue? Can Qztr actually do anything to Charon? We shall see!

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