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Bart Simpson Comics #9

Posted: Saturday, August 31, 2002
By: Ray Tate

"O Bart Where Art Thou"
"Bart's Nasty Shirt"
"Cooking with Kang and Kodos"

Writers: Various
Artists: Various
Publisher: Bongo

The first story by Earl Kress, Dan DeCarlo, Istvan Majoros, James Huang and Art Villanueva relies on a contrivance that even seems far fetched in Springfield. The results of that contrivance are quite unbelievable given the continuity of the series. Would Homer so readily abandon his son? Homer's actions are out of character.
Certainly, he has sent Bart to France and military school, but he knew the boy would return. Homer also "took a baptismal" for his son. Even were I to accept the premise and Homer's deplorable behavior, the story simply isn't funny.

Tony Digeralamo the imagination behind The Travelers provides and instance of humor in the bully dialogue for "A chair of One's Own," but the short story isn't as riotous as it should be. Ryan Rivette, Jason Ho and Mr. Villanueva however make an outstanding artistic effort to liven up the proceedings with different angles to display the action and a strong sense of scale to give the illusion of depth.

"Bart's Nasty Shirt" is quite simply a complete wash. It's again unfunny, and though the artwork by Mike Worely, Mike Rote and Rick Reese is accomplished, the style and visual substance is weighted down by a story that should have been abandoned and left to the wolves.

Sherri L. Smith comes up with a delightfully ghoulish concept but fails to use it in a very ordinary Kang and Kodos story. John Costanza provides some nice in your face art however, and I loved how Chris Ungar brought out the horror elements with a bright, blood-red filling.

"Prize Possession" is another clunker with some minor humor in Homer's attempt to start up a barbecue. "Cyrano De Barte" lacks any punch, and a superb surreal beginning to Robert L. Graff's and Jesse Leon McCann's "Hill of Beans" becomes swamped by a derivative flat story.

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