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Hellboy: The Third Wish #2

Posted: Saturday, September 7, 2002
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artists: Mike Mignola, Dave Stewart(c)
Publisher: Dark Horse

Hellboy usually perplexes me. I mean why is it that this mix of Lovecraft, fairy tales and an odd, really odd super-hero appeal to me all the time. It has to be more than the artwork and just the quality of writing. Something about this character clicks with me, and this issue clearly and succinctly explains why.

"Screw that."

If ever there was a phrase that best described Hellboy it is that phrase. Even his name rails against convention. Things from hell traditionally are evil, and Hellboy doesn't even care to be called Hellman. Clearly he's old enough, but Hellboy isn't merely a sobriquet. It's his name, and it has meaning to him.

Hellboy's destiny according to every villain he has met and vanquished has already been written. He doesn't believe this to be true. He is the ultimate anarchist. He rebels against time. He accepts no fate. Not for he. Not for any.

Third Wish in many ways does what every Hellboy story succeeds in doing. It builds on Hellboy's utter contempt for the so-called preordained. The story makes the point to say if you're tough enough you can beat anything. It subtly relates these tenets in Mr. Mignola's artwork: dark and brooding yet with a spark of bright red optimism.

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