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Power Company #8

Posted: Saturday, September 14, 2002
By: Ray Tate

"Shot in the Heart"

Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artists: Tom Grummett(p), Prentis Rollins(i), Alex Sinclair(c)
Publisher: DC 

Neither as funny or as focused as the previous issue in which Green Arrow enters MST3K territory, Power Company is never the less a compelling, professional work of comics. Mr. Busiek follows three separate threads for this issue. The least interesting is the assassination, but I don't blame Mr. Busiek or the artists for this lack of punch. The problem is that despite my attempt to isolate myself from every word of anything I review, I could not help but run into the plans for Josiah Power.

Fortunately, there's more to capture one's imagination and attention in the book. The Manhunter/Striker Z episode showcases their personalities and abilities. Notice how different this Manhunter sounds from either good Paul Kirks. You wonder how much of this difference is natural in the character or practiced by the character to force himself to be his own man. Striker Z reveals more of that intelligence through observation skills, and the choreography by Tom Grummett is topnotch.

The character with whom I've had the most problems is Witchfire. While I'm still not crazy about her proportion, Busiek does bring out a few more positive nuances in her characterization.

For me the most interesting thread to follow was that woven by Skyrocket. Although her aims are good, her means are questionable. Despite being the hero of the group, you cannot help but think that what she's doing is wrong. She uses company resources for personal wants. She uses the employees for the same. She needlessly risks the lives of those employees' for a dubious goal.

In case you're wondering, Green Arrow does make an appearance in the story. He's full of dated philosophy that leads to wonderfully antiquated dialogue. He looks like an escapee from the Village People. In short, his cameo leaves a big grin on your face.

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