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JSA #40

Posted: Thursday, September 19, 2002
By: Ray Tate

"....Do No Harm"

Writer: Geoff Johns & David Goyer
Artists: Leonard Kirk(p), Keith Champagne(i), John Kalisz(c)
Publisher: DC

I'm going to say what's nice about JSA first before unsheathing the claws. Leonard Kirk. Rao. I knew Kirk would eventually become a force in comics hen I first saw his work on Marvel's Ultragirl. In this issue he proves to be more than a babe artist though his babes are awesome beauties who command power.

For "....Do No Harm" Kirk electrifies Captain Marvel. He looks like the squinty C.C. Beck Marvel but dragged out of the stylish cartoon world and into more realistic dimensions. The shiny lightning bolt complementing the shiny arm stripes, sash and cape edging recalls the costume worn by Tim Tyler in the Captain Marvel serial.

The Big Red Cheese's partner for this issue is Geoff Johns' creation the new Star-Spangled Kid. Courtney looks exactly how a cute high schooler should look. She's lanky and wiry. Because she's a hero, she doesn't look as though she needs to be fed, and her breasts are smaller than her head.

Geoff Johns' commentary about the way freedoms have been taken away by criminals rings true and the central plot parallels the Kid's dialogue, but as thoughtful as this issue is, too many annoyances vex this reader.

The villain gets more respect as a character than Power Girl did last issue, and while for me personally that would be enough to smack their fingers with a ruler, flaws in the story itself quickly set a frown in my face.

Johns and Goyer take it upon themselves to unnecessarily relieve DC of yet another female personage. Right, like their doe population needs thinned. Be sure to check for Myra's name on the Women in Refrigerators site. Myra was the original Dr. Mid-Nite's nurse/companion. Her pertinence to the story escapes me. Are Johns and Goyer trying to make the patient on whom Dr. Mid-Nite and Mr. Terrific operate vile? They already did that when they said he was "a killer and Nazi collaborator." Since the new Dr. Mid-Nite shares no history with the original Dr. Mid-Nite, why would he even bring it up? The exchange makes no sense, says nothing about the characters and doesn't affect the plot. It's nasty padding.

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