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Sojourn #15

Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Ron Marz, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Justin Ponsor
Publisher: CrossGen Comics

I must say that Bohr is one mean green troll. I am glad to know that Arwyn, Gareth and Arwyn’s dog Kreeg have now joined the Ankharan Resistence. Bohr and his troll army need to look behind their backs, because things are going to get a bit rocky from here on out!

I used to be fascinated by the artwork on the Santana Abraxas album and now I found it again in the disguise of the black angelic beings known as Rahm and Tiye. Greg Land mesmerizes the reader with his artwork.

Arwyn remains intent on Mordath’s destruction and she may have it soon, now that she has sided with the Ankharan Resistance. With all of this going on, the head troll gets a scolding, because he is requesting a dozen trolls to go after two people. Well, that troll will now need a full-fledged army! The Temple of Amun was drawn with gorgeous details, I sat there awestruck at the magnificence of this beautiful layout!

Sojourn #15 has mystique. That mystique falls upon the Dawn Warrior who searches out the lost Dawn Sword that harnesses the power of the sun, things are going to get pretty doggone exciting!

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