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Fictions #1

Posted: Thursday, October 10, 2002
By: Ryan Crouse

Written by: Johnny Lowe
Art by: Seaward Tuthill, Richard Garcia, Tony Brescini
Publisher: Brass Ring Comics

At 32 great and interesting pages, this comic simply delivers and then some! This comic holds 3 short stories and are drawn and inked very well.

The first story was my favorite. It's a little creepy and makes you wonder about things at the end. Without giving anything away, it involves aliens.

The next story is about a slacker and his comedic day looking for $7. After being fired from his job he has one adventurous day leading to monstrous criminals, a big breasted crime fighter lady and 5 Sailor Moon wannabe's.

The final story "When Father's Day Comes" is a truly great story. It has family love, rage, suspence and bravery all thrown into one with an ending that makes you want more! Over all, I got hooked on this book and I will probably buy the next issue when it comes out.

Anyone who enjoys a good read and good art will like Fictions #1.

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