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Sojourn #16

Posted: Thursday, October 17, 2002
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Greg Land(p), Jay Leisten(i), Justin Ponsor(c)
Publisher: Crossgen

This issue of Sojourn better follows the tradition of focused action in a quest form. Ron Marz opens the story with Gareth's dream. This is hardly a spoiler. You know it's a dream once you see Arwyn looking more exotic in less clothing than one could possibly imagine come into his bedroom and slide all over him. This however is not sexism. This is an accurate depiction of what men fantasize about, and even so, it's fairly tame and beautifully drawn.

When Arwyn really wakens Gareth-along the lines of "Hey, you! Wake up!"-the duo with Kreeg join the Ankharans as they seeks the sword of the Dawn Warrior. Splitting up the teams allows Mr. Marz to concentrate on the interaction between our stars and the impressive guest-star whose body language expresses his emotions as if sun and shade on feathers.

Mr. Marz does not however bore the reader with lengthy scenes of following winding hallways and battling various species of orc. A trap laid out by the Ankharans and one that Arwyn even on her best day could not have avoided cuts to the chase.

Arwyn's falling into the trap leads to a thrilling battle against a classic monster. The artwork here simply makes your jaw drop, and the colors by Ponsor are really outstanding with the orange and reds of sandstone reflected by torches. Silvery cobwebs part. Golden-haired beauties fight, and it's great to see her smile again thanks to Kreeg.

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