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Powerpuff Girls #30

Posted: Sunday, October 27, 2002
By: Ray Tate

"Chain of Fools"
"Monkey See, Monkey Dough"

Writers: Frank Strom; Bronwyn Carlton
Artists: Christopher Cook; Ricardo Garcia Fuentes(p),Mike DeCarlo(i), Dav Tanguay(c)
Publisher: DC

Being a slim, slim week for comic books, I decided to buy another issue of Powerpuff Girls. In short, I'm adding the title to my list. Even if the two outstanding issues I reviewed are diamonds among twenty-eight issues of rough, I still get the feeling I'll be less disappointed by the Powerpuff Girls' humor and heroics than a regular Batman title.

Frank Strom starts things off with a hilarious send-up of the supposed occult power of the chain letter. The Professor, stays perfectly in character, by being a man of reason and a father to Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom. He tries patiently to dispel the superstitious nonsense, but as with real life, the words of logic often are ignored.

In Bubbles' defense, evidence does suggest something freaky is happening, and because of the Powerpuff Girls' naiveté they fall victim quite easily to the power of suggestion. In the end, the girls come to their senses and kick monster butt. In between, Mojo Jojo once again gets a few laugh out loud scenes.

Christopher Cook does a lot with the limited style envisioned by Craig McCracken. He evokes many emotions from the girls: ranging from outrageous humor to intense pain and has some brainy fun with Mojo.
The second story by Scooby-Doo's Bronwyn Carlton depends on Blossom's good nature and her being hurt by the unfairness of the Mayor. Thanks to Mr. Fuentes portrayal of Bubbles dejected in defiance of gravity, you really feel sorry for her.

Bubbles easily falls prey to Mojo's persuasion, but the setup makes her inability to see through Mojo's duplicity plausible. Fortunately, her sisters realize something is wrong and like a family and friends stick together to combine forces with the emotionally distraught Bubbles in order to kick monkey buttocks. Take special notice of the way in which Bubbles is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of her sisters, and the underplayed emotions of the sibs upon witnessing Bubbles' bravery.

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