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Young Justice #51

Posted: Saturday, November 9, 2002
By: Ray Tate

"Zand on the Run"

Writer: Peter David
Artists: Todd Nauck(p), Larry Stucker(i), Jason Wright(c)
Publisher: DC

After the last chapter of Young Justice any other part of the story would likely pale in comparison. This is without a doubt a solid read and ideal for anybody coming late to the theater. The first scenes are not without humor, but for readers who have been following the story, they will seem like retreads.

Character-wise things start to pick up when the Lady Zand appears to end hostilities. You have to love a villain who is smart enough to know there's no point in fighting for a cause that no longer exists. You also have to love that the heroes themselves know when their mission has been accomplished and needs no after thoughts.

Story-wise, the plot begins to re-energize itself toward the end with a posthumous death-trap for Secret. I don't quite understand what Agua Sin intended, but the outcome goes against his character. So, I'm willing to infer an arrogant cock-up on his part.

The artwork by Todd Nauck, Larry Stucker and Jason Wright--thanks for the flesh tones, Jason, I never knew how much I appreciated them--meets their usual high standard for the book, but again, there's a feeling of deja vu. The scenes that impressed me more occur in the more narrowly focused scenes at the lab involving Secret, Anita, Agent Fite and Bonnie. The standout scene for me is when Fite attempts to pick up the fallen Secret only to find his hands passing through her.

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