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Route 666 #6

Posted: Saturday, November 23, 2002
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artists: Karl Moline(p), John Dell(i), Nick Bell(c)
Publisher: Crossgen

Tony Bedard generally speaking belabors the point in Route 666. We learn very little that's new. The whole book seems to summarize last issue apart from Cassie manipulating the situation in the end and Too-Too getting a little nasty toward his granddaughter who is really new at the save-the-world game and deserves a little slack.

Mr. Bedard introduces a new character to the book, but he's got the charisma of a cucumber as well as the cool. He seems almost robotic in his speech pattern and his actions. Karl Moline though does make him laughable. He designs him as a cross between Fox Mulder and early Elvis.

The Railsplitter--our serial killer from last issue--doesn't issue the rather eerie lethal crazy that he did. He seems more of a ga-ga crazy to paraphrase The Simpsons. What's also interesting is that Mr. Moline does not follow Cary Nord's example from last issue. Perhaps, he just didn't care for the character or didn't feel he had the right to surpass Nord's more preferable model, but he makes Berkely look goofier and more of a parody of himself.

Where Mr. Moline shines is in his depiction of action and the creation of monsters. Unfortunately these scenes are all too brief.

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